Iran killed Israel’s Mossad commander: Iran retaliated, killed Israel’s Mossad commander? Video goes viral – Iran reportedly takes revenge on Mossad commander in Telaviv Israel Video goes viral

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According to unconfirmed reports from Israel, an Israeli was killed. Iranian media claim that Marad, the commander of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, learned of the assassination on Thursday in the capital Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv finished
According to unconfirmed reports from Israel, a 45-year-old Israeli was killed. Iranian media claim that Mara was the commander-in-chief of the Israeli country’s intelligence agency, Mossad. It is said that this assassination took place Thursday in the Israeli capital of Tel Aviv. Social media claim that the Iranian intelligence team avenged the murder of the Iranian nuclear scientist by killing the Mossad officer.

It is said in Iranian media that the slain Mossad officer was called Fahmi Hinawi. The video of this assassination has now gone viral on social networks. After this video went viral, it is claimed on social media that Iran has now retaliated against the Mossad after the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

“ 15 shots at the car ”
According to an unconfirmed report by Iranian public broadcaster Press TV, the killed Israeli was a Mossad official. The Israeli was in his car at a red light in Tel Aviv, in which 15 bullets were fired at his car. It is said that the attackers fled immediately after the attack and could not be found. Several other videos show a car stopping in the middle of the road and a tight crowd of police around it.

It is not yet known if the video is immediately after the assassination. Not only that, photos of the incident are also being shared on social media. We see in these photos that there are several bullets on the car door. It is claimed that this is the same car the Mossad officers were sitting in and they were attacked. So far, no official statement has come from Israel about this incident. Not only that, there is no information about this incident even in the Israeli media.

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