iran missile land near uss nimitz: Iran missile land near USS Nimitz in Indian Ocean during Great Prophet 15 Drill: US nuclear war standing in Indian Ocean

Iran has sent a strong message to its biggest enemy by firing dozens of missiles simultaneously, amid continuing tensions with the United States. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards conducted the “Great Prophet 15” exercise on Friday. Meanwhile, dozens of missiles were fired simultaneously through a mobile launcher from the desert area. During the exercises, Iran also demonstrated to the world suicide bombers who bombard the enemy. Iran carried out this test at a time when the USS Nimitz, a US aircraft carrier with nuclear weapons, is currently in the Indian Ocean. A missile in Iranian missiles fell only 160 km from the American aircraft carrier …

Iranian missile test narrowly survived

A long-range missile from Iran fell just 20 miles from a merchant ship in the Indian Ocean, according to U.S. reports from Fox TV. Not only that, the American aircraft carrier USS Nimitz was also present just 100 miles away. Tensions between the United States and Iran escalated during this missile test. Senior U.S. military officials said Iran frequently conducts missile tests and there is nothing to panic about. Another source said the business vessel which was about 20 miles away could pose a threat. He said at least two missiles fell in the Indian Ocean and their debris spread everywhere. “We expected this missile test,” an official said. Iran had already tested several missiles in May last year, one of which fell on its own warship. Many people were killed there.

Iranian suicide drones have shown their power to the world

Iran also tested its suicide drone during this exercise. Iran reportedly attacked Saudi Arabia’s oil base in 2019 via a similar drone. Iran has long denied attacking the Saudi hideout. The attack had such a terrible impact that the world’s oil supply was staggered. Suicide drones and cruise missiles were used in this attack. Saudi Arabia and the United States held Iran responsible for the missile attack. The Iranian drone destroyed several targets during Friday’s practice, such as the drones used in the Saudi attack. The Iranian news agency said the latest generation of new surface-to-surface killer missiles have been tested after a drone attack.

American Patriot System Destruction Test

The Revolutionary Guards said the missiles were equipped with detachable warheads and could also be controlled from outside the atmosphere. During the test, Iranian drones defeated the military base of imaginary enemies. According to the Daily Mail report, Saudi Arabia and other anti-Iranian countries are using the US Patriot missile defense system. Iran also tested the destruction of the system during the exercise. Commander Hussain Salami of the Revolutionary Guards and Chief of the Air Force were also present during the exercise. Salvation said the purpose of this exercise is to send a message to the enemies of Iran and Islam that we are able to protect our sovereignty. He said this campaign showed the “new strength” and capability of the Revolutionary Guards.

You see, the blue sky is ‘white’ in the Iranian missile attack

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