Iran News Missile City: Iranian Revolutionary Guard missiles displayed during viral military video: viral Iranian missile base video

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps has openly warned the United States and Israel by posting a video of their new missile city. The locations of these missiles and their launchers have been kept under wraps throughout this video. Iran has already posted various videos of missile towns. Experts believe that Iran is trying to put pressure on the United States through this new video, so that it can end the sanctions by joining the nuclear deal as soon as possible.

Cruise and ballistic missiles of different ranges appear in this video from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (Iranian Navy) Navy. Apart from that, there are also different platforms that launch these missiles. The New Missile City was officially opened after an event attended by senior Iranian military officials.

Pretends to be safe from enemy attacks
The Iranian military has claimed that their missile bases are protected from any type of electronic warfare attack. It has even been claimed that all the equipment used in this missile town was produced and developed in Iran. Iran has built several of these underground missile towns, located in different parts of the country.

What is a missile city
Missile City refers to a ground floor where a large number of missiles are deployed to avoid enemy airstrikes. The navy chief said Iran would soon announce new missiles capable of long-range warships and naval vessels.

Iran’s eye on the Gulf of Hormuz
Admiral Alirza Tangisiri said the Iranian navy was monitoring every ship passing through Hormuz. Please say that Iran has also threatened to close this route on several occasions. In this way, 20 percent of the world’s oil is traded.

Public information on drones, tanks and machine guns
Previously, the ground forces unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Jihad Organization of the Research and Self-Defense Agency, released the information about the BTR-50 tank, the Meraz-1 drone. , the Soban-1 machine gun and the radar system. It has been claimed that Iran is manufacturing these weapons using indigenous technology. At the same time, Israel recently accused Iran of building a nuclear bomb.

These killer missiles from Iran can destroy Israel, an intelligence base built underground
Iran says – these missiles will shake the enemy
Major General Hossein Salami, commander of the Iranian Army’s Revolutionary Guards, attended the unveiling ceremony of this missile system. He claimed that the theft of our missiles would shake the enemy and that his strength would force the enemy to retreat. General Salami said Iran’s missile capabilities give Tehran the strength to demonstrate its political will.

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