Iran-Russia relations: Iran will increase its military force with Russia, refuses to succumb to US sanctions – Iran and Russia will strengthen their military cooperation against US sanctions in the Middle East

America’s difficulties, which are preparing to increase its strength in the Gulf countries, will now worsen. Iran has announced a strengthening of military cooperation with Russia and China, America’s declared enemies. If Russia and China increase their military presence in the Middle East, it can become a big headache for America. Confirming this, the Iranian Iranian ambassador in Moscow said that whatever power the United States wields, our military relations will remain with Russia.

“ US sanctions will have no effect ”
Iranian Ambassador Kazam Jalali said in an interview with Russian media Sputnik that US sanctions would not affect their country’s military capabilities and scientific research. He also stated that this behavior of America will also continue in the future, as America no longer enjoys the dominance of the past. America is moving around saying that it is the number one power in the world, which is not true.

America is no longer number one in the world
Iranian Ambassador Jalali said of the latest US sanctions on Iran that the reality is that the US has been surrounded by many countries and has now gone number one after defeating it. The Trump administration exerted maximum pressure on Iran to affect our nuclear program, while we began to use sanctions to increase our strength.

Russia, maneuver with China-Pakistan and Iran, America on alert
Russia, China call for opposition to America
Jalali should hold Russia and China and other countries of the world against America. We have to tell the United States that the misuse of power in the international scenario can have a detrimental effect. In October, President Rouhani and Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif reacted strongly against new US sanctions imposed on Iranian banks. Iran has called this a crime against humanity.

Russia has come out openly in favor of Iran, explained why nuclear scientist Fakhrizadeh was killed?
Russian Foreign Minister pledged Iranian support
Just a few days ago Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov condemned the assassination of Dr Mohsin Fakhrizadeh, Iran’s top nuclear scientist. He also called the murder of Iranian army general Qasim Sulemani who was killed in the US drone attack unacceptable. He also mentioned in his interview the strengthening of relations between Russia and Iran.

Sweet on Biden, Iran hot on Trump, Rohani says – America will join nuclear deal again
Russia explained why nuclear scientist was killed
In an interview with official Iranian media IRTV 1, Sergey Lavrov described Iran and Russia as among the most powerful countries in the world. He condemned the murder of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsin Fakhrizadeh, calling it a terrorist act. Describing Fakhrizadeh’s assassination as an intervention by foreign governments, he said it was done with the intention of creating unrest in the region.

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