Iran Uranium: Iran begins to enrich 20% uranium amid US tensions, will the military crisis worsen? – Iran begins 20% uranium enrichment in a context of tension with America

Iran has started to enrich up to 20% uranium in an underground unit. An Iranian government spokesperson gave this information. The official Iranian news agency “Irna” quoted Ali Rabi on Monday as saying that President Hassan Rouhani had given orders for the Fordo unit to move. The 20% uranium enrichment is a technical step outside of the 90% weapon grade level.

Ten years ago, Iran’s tensions with Israel were heightened by its decision to enrich 20% uranium. This tension did not ease until after the nuclear agreement in 2015. The reintroduction of 20% enrichment can again lead to conditions of instability. Indeed, under this agreement, Iran can only raise 4%. Uranium of such purity is used for the production of electricity, while nuclear weapons require 90% pure uranium.

Senior nuclear scientist killed in November
Iranian religious leaders have accused Israel of unjustly occupying Muslim land, leading Israel to view Iran as a threat to itself. He has always opposed Iran being armed with nuclear weapons, while Iran has denied the allegations. However, after the assassination of its chief nuclear scientist Mohsin Fakhrizadeh in November 2020, it was decided that the purity of uranium would be increased, drawing Israeli and American attention.

Tension may escalate with America
The move comes after US President Donald Trump unilaterally separated the United States from the nuclear deal with Tehran in 2018. Since then, there have been several incidents of growing tension between the two countries. Iran recently alleged that the United States sent its nuclear bombers to the Gulf of Paras, while the Donald Trump administration says the Iranian navy has become more active in the past 48 hours.

Armies deployed in circumstances of war
On the other hand, the Israeli media have quoted US sources as claiming that Israel and Saudi Arabia are pushing Trump to demolish Iran’s nuclear facilities before his term ends. Political analysts also fear that Trump, troubled by Joe Biden’s presidential victory, will seek to further complicate the dispute with Iran in order to create difficulties for the new government. Indeed, Biden’s plan is to reduce the pressure Trump put on Iran, negotiate with him, and bring Iran back to the Paramnu deal.

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