Iranian army military exercise: US-Israel collision, Iranian army bombardment on the Gulf of Oman

The Iranian military began a maneuver off the coast of the Gulf of Oman on Tuesday amid tensions with the United States and Israel. The government television station here gave this information. This is a new round of military exercises by Iran following increased tension with increased pressure from the United States on the nuclear program. According to reports, commando troops and soldiers who are taken to the battlefield are participating in this annual exercise.

Along with this, combat jets, helicopters and military cargo planes are also part of the exercise. The whole exercise is supervised by Abdul Rahim Mosavi, head of the Iranian national army. It is worth noting that Iran has stepped up its military preparation as part of a strategy to pressure Joe Biden to be elected the next President of the United States. The deal separated America from outgoing President Donald Trump.

Iran runs ‘Great Profit 15’ exercise
Biden said the United States could withdraw from this multilateral deal to end Iran’s nuclear program. Earlier on Saturday, the Iranian paramilitary force’s Revolutionary Guards and Navy conducted the exercise on Thursday. Previously, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards conducted the exercise “Great Profit 15” on Friday. Meanwhile, dozens of missiles were fired simultaneously through a mobile launcher from the desert area.

During the exercises, Iran also showed suicide bombers bombing the enemy in front of the world. Iran carried out this test at a time when the USS Nimitz, a US aircraft carrier with nuclear weapons, is currently in the Indian Ocean. A long-range missile from Iran fell just 20 miles from a merchant ship in the Indian Ocean, according to U.S. reports from Fox TV. Not only that, the American aircraft carrier USS Nimitz was also present just 100 miles away. Senior U.S. military officials said Iran frequently conducts missile tests and there is nothing to panic about.

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