Iranian cleric Covid 19 gay vaccine: Iranian cleric claims to be gay, corona virus vaccine

An Iranian cleric has claimed that the corona virus vaccine makes humans homosexual. Ayatollah Abbas Tabrizian affirmed this in the telegram where he has more than two lakh followers. According to the Jerusalem Post report, Ayatullah Abbas told his fans in the telegram not to go to people who had the Corona virus vaccine.

Ayatullah Abbas said Corona went gay with a vaccine. On the other hand, people in the gay community have ignited the claim of Iranian clerics. Peter Tutchell, who works for LBTQ rights, says the clerk’s claim is an attempt to call both Corona Vaccine and Gay a “ satanic. ” Peter said: “Ayatollah associates scientific ignorance with homophobia by means of a habitual appeal.”

‘They are doing this propaganda to scare off the corona vaccine’
Sheina Vojoudi, who left Iran, said Ayatollah, like other clerics in the Iranian administration, linked every disorder to sexuality. He said the Iranian cleric lacked humanity and knowledge. Iranian clergymen are promoting it to scare people with the corona vaccine, while the government administration has obtained the corona vaccine from Pfizer. The Iranian administration does not give this vaccine to ordinary people.

The Iranian cleric has so far made several statements on drugs from Western countries. Earlier in January last year, an Iranian cleric posted the video in which he burns an American science book. He claimed that Islamic medicine would make these books useless. Explain that homosexuality is a crime in Iran and that it is severely punished.

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