Iranian power show amid US tension, cruise missiles fired at sea – Iran fired cruise missiles in naval exercise

Iran fired cruise missiles during a naval exercise in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday amid heightened tensions with the United States. The country’s state television showed footage of missiles fired from land and ships, but made no mention of their firepower. Let us tell you that since the completion of a year after the assassination of Qasim Sulemani, the tension has again increased between the United States and Iran.

Cruise missiles will respond to attack
Admiral Hamjeh Ali Kaviani, spokesperson for the Iranian naval exercise, said the enemy must be aware that any violation of the Iranian border and any attack against it would be responded by cruise missiles from the coast. and the sea. “Iran’s two days. The naval exercise began on Wednesday. Cruise missiles were fired at a time when tensions between Iran and the United States remain at their peak.

US aircraft carrier will stay with Iran
The US Department of Defense at the Pentagon has said the US aircraft carrier USS Nimitz will remain in the West Asian Sea because the US poses a possible threat to attack Iran. The US Department of Defense said three days ago that the USS Nimitz stationed in the Middle East would be taken out of the sea for 10 months, but now the US has changed its position.

Pentagon Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller said the USS Nimitz will now continue in the area of ​​operations. The US government made this decision after much deliberation. The US move comes after Iran celebrated the first birthday of its flagship military leader Qasim Sulemani. On January 3, 2020, Sulemani was killed by a drone attack near Baghdad airport.

Iran said – we can respond to our enemies
Iranian Army General Hussein Salami took aim at the United States by addressing an event held at the University of Tehran in memory of former General Qasim Suleimani. Without naming America, Salami said that today we have no problems, concerns, or apprehensions about any power. We can give our enemies the last answer on the battlefield.

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