Iranian ship Saviz attacked in Red Sea Israel informs US in nuclear talks: attack on Iranian “naval base” near Yemen, Israel takes revenge?

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The Iranian cargo ship, which has been in the Red Sea near Yemen for years, was attacked by Iranian government television on Wednesday.
The Iranian freighter, which has been in the Red Sea near Yemen for years, has been attacked. Iran’s national television channel acknowledged the attack on Wednesday. The ship is believed to be the base of the Revolutionary Guards, an Iranian paramilitary force. State television made the statement quoting foreign media. This is Iran’s first comment on the mysterious incident involving Iran’s “MV Saviz”.

Israel is suspected of carrying out the attack. Previously, an Israeli ship had been attacked. Israel alleged that the attack came from Iran. The attack comes as Iran and other world powers gather in Vienna for the first talks on the possibility of the United States re-joining the Iran nuclear deal. Saudi Arabia has repeatedly criticized the vessel’s presence in the region. Western and UN experts say Iran provided arms and support to Houthi rebels in Yemen, but Iran has denied this.

Iran claims Saviz is helping “anti-piracy” efforts in the Red Sea and the Bab al-Mandab Strait. A state television presenter referred to a New York Times report citing a US official that Israel informed the US that it attacked the ship on Tuesday morning. When the Associated Press attempted to contact Israeli authorities on Tuesday evening, they declined to comment.

‘Explosives in Saviz’s explosives’
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday: “We must not go back to a dangerous nuclear deal with Iran because nuclear-weaponized Iran is a threat to Israel’s survival and the security of the world integer “. The Iranian semi-governmental “Tasnim” dialogue committee, considered close to the “guard”, reported the attack on Tuesday evening and declared that the explosives placed on Saviz had exploded.

Tasnim held no one responsible for the attack. Meanwhile, the U.S. Army Central Command said in a statement it was “ aware of media reports of the incident involving Saaviz in the Red Sea. He said: “We can confirm that there is no involvement of US forces in this incident.” We have no additional information to provide. Saudi Army “AP” footage shows people wearing military uniforms aboard the ship and small boats capable of bringing the ship to the Yemeni coast.

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