Iran’s largest navy ship catches fire and sinks: Watch: Iranian navy’s largest ship, kharg, sinks after being engulfed in flames near Gulf of Oman

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Iranian Navy suffered major setback amid continuing tensions with Israel, Iranian Navy’s largest warship sank after fire off Oman coast
The Iranian navy has suffered a major setback amid continuing tensions with Israel. Iran’s largest warship sank off the coast of Oman after a fire. High flames of fire could be seen from inside the battleship. The cause of the mysterious fire has not yet been determined. The name of this warship was Kharg which was named after an island. The ship served as the main oil terminal for Iran.

He is told that all of his crew were safely evacuated after the fire. The Iranian Navy released a statement saying the Kharg ship was on a training mission. It is said that the ship caught fire around 2:15 p.m. and that firefighters attempted to stop it. This warship sank near the Iranian port of Jask.

The warship was very important to the Iranian navy
The Iranian navy said members of the fire department attempted to control the raging blaze for about 20 hours, but was unsuccessful. Viral images on social media showed crew members wearing life jackets disembarking from the ship. A burning battleship is seen behind them. The fire was so terrible it was even seen from space.

The Kharg was a very important warship for the Iranian Navy and it replaced other ships when needed. It could also carry a large amount of luggage, and helicopters were also able to take off from it. The ship was built in the UK in 1977 and was inducted into the Iranian Navy in 1984. The Iranian Navy suffered a setback amid tensions with Israel.

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