Iran’s open challenge to the US Emperor, show of power in the Persian Gulf – Iran hosts navy exercises in the Persian Gulf amid tensions with us

Iran continued to show vigorously in the Persian Gulf on Saturday amid continuing tensions with the United States. Meanwhile, the Revolutionary Guard paramilitary force not only marched on the navy, but also the warships showed their ability by firing missiles. Iranian drones and fighter jets provided air defenses at sea during the maneuvers. Almost a year ago, the US military killed the Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary Guards, Kasim Sulemani, in Iraq. Since then, the tension between the two countries is at its peak.

Maneuvers carried out on the spot to catch American ships
Iran carried out the maneuvers near the island in the Persian Gulf, where two US Navy patrol boats were seized in 2016. Iran also arrested 10 US Navy vendors. It is believed that America must have warned behind the election of this place.

South Korean oil tanker still in captivity in Iran
Iran last week seized a South Korean tanker in the Gulf and arrested its crew members. They are still at the Iranian port. Iran periodically conducts military exercises in the Gulf maritime area and elsewhere. He says his goal is to improve the readiness of his armed forces.

Threat of Iranian attack, US aircraft carrier will remain in West Asia
US aircraft carrier will stay with Iran
The US Department of Defense at the Pentagon has said the US aircraft carrier USS Nimitz will remain in the West Asian Sea because the US poses a possible threat to attack Iran. The US Department of Defense said three days ago that the USS Nimitz stationed in the Middle East would be taken out of the sea for 10 months, but now the US has changed its position.

Iran warned America again, said – We are ready to respond to any military pressure
Pentagon Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller said the USS Nimitz will now continue in the area of ​​operations. The US government made this decision after much deliberation. The US move comes after Iran celebrated the first birthday of its flagship military leader Qasim Sulemani. On January 3, 2020, Sulemani was killed by a drone attack near Baghdad airport.

Fearing US-Israeli attack, Iran deploys missiles at nuclear base
Iran said – we can respond to our enemies
Iranian Army General Hussein Salami took aim at the United States by addressing an event held at the University of Tehran in memory of former General Qasim Suleimani. Without naming America, Salami said that today we have no problems, concerns, or apprehensions about any power. We can give our enemies the last answer on the battlefield.

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