Iraq rocket attack on US Embassy: rocket attack, child killed, 5 injured near US Embassy in Iraq

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A rocket attack targeting the US Embassy in Baghdad, the Iraqi capital, killed a child and injured at least 5 people in a rocket attack as Donald Trump reduced the number of troops in Iraq. East Baghdad
A child was killed and at least 5 people were injured in a rocket attack targeting the US Embassy in a heavily guarded green area in the Iraqi capital Baghdad. These rocket attacks took place at a time when US President Donald Trump decided to reduce the number of US troops in Iraq from 3,000 to 2,500.

The Iraqi military said a rocket landed near the country’s national security service, just 600 meters from the US embassy. Other than that, the military said some rockets were shot down in the air by the US C-RAM air defense system. It is believed that Iraq is now on the verge of accepting the Iranian-backed militia after the latest attack.

The Iraqi army said a total of 3 rockets fell in the area of ​​the green zone. One of them fell near the Baghdad City Medical Hospital, a rocket landed on the gate of the public park, and the third exploded in the air. One child was killed and 5 civilians were injured in these attacks. Officials said two Iraqi soldiers were also injured in the attacks. So far, no group has taken responsibility for these attacks.

The attack comes at a time when the Trump administration has decided to reduce the number of American troops from Iraq from 3,000 to 2,500. Earlier in mid-October, the Iranian-backed militia said that it immediately stopped the attacks on American troops in Iraq. It also includes the United States Embassy. However, the condition was that the United States would withdraw its troops from Iraq.

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