Iraqi baby with three penises: first baby boy in the world born with three penises doctors cut two: baby born with three sexes in Iraq, first case in the world

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The first child in the world born with three sexes in Iraq, doctors were also born first with two sexes. Many children, this first case with three sexes. Doctors underwent surgery to remove two more jargon, Science Journal article
Rarely have you heard that a child is born with more than one penis. Yes, it is a rare disease, in which the probability of a child being born with two sexes is one in six million. This disease is known as diphia. But this time a child is born with three sexes. This is the first known case in the recorded history of Aaj Tak when a child is born with Triphalia, i.e. three sexes.

Case near Mosul, stronghold of the Islamic State
This wonder is seen in Dohuk, located near the city of Mosul, Iraq. Doctors here claim that for the first time, they are studying a case of Triphalia in a human being. He reported that only one of his three sexes was functioning properly, with the other two connected to the lower end of his penis. After that, the doctors cut and separated the two supporting penises except one.

This is the first case in the world
This story, published in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, states that this Iraqi child is the world’s first case of triphalia. It is claimed that a similar case was reported in India in 2015, but it could not be verified. No report on this case has been published in any medical journal.

Parents went to show swelling in the child’s private port
This child’s parents went to the doctor to show him the swelling in his private port. He then discovers that his son has two additional penises or sexes. One was 2cm long, it was attached to the main penis, while the other was 1cm long and was located at the very lower end of the penis. During his examination, doctors learned that the two additional penises that did not have urine tubes meant they couldn’t urinate.

Sexless sexes are operated on
After this information, the doctors felt that surgeries can be easily removed by performing surgeries, as they are of no use. After that, a large panel of doctors performed surgeries and removed both sexes from the child’s body. According to Dr Shakir Salim Jabali, who wrote this report, the operation passed a year and the child had no problems with it.

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