Iraqi boy with three penises: what is the reason for multiple penises: why a child has three sex

A child was born in Iraq with three private parts. This case is not only surprising for ordinary people but also for medical experts. This is the first case of its kind in the world. There have been reports of children born with two private parts before this, but what is the reason behind this has not been proven. Now, the state of three private Triphallia parties has raised new questions to scientists.

Two private parts of this child were removed after surgery in Iraq. According to DailyMail, one in 50 to 60 boys is born with more than one private part. So far, 100 cases of diphallia have been reported worldwide, but according to case reports from the International Journal of Surgery, a three-part case has come for the first time.

Why are there such cases?
Such a condition is called Supernumerary Venus and the reason behind it is not known. His first case was revealed in the 1600s. He may also have two scrotums or anuses. Many times the private part is underdeveloped. All the cases found so far have turned out to be different from each other. For this reason, it has been described as a rare disease.

Triphallia: Beautiful child born with 3 penises together in this country, doctors cut two
According to the report, this condition can occur in 3-6 weeks of pregnancy or in the 15th week. The reasons for this have not yet been proven, but one possibility is the use of narcotics. Apart from these, it can also occur due to the effect of an infection. The report also raises the possibility that this is due to a change in genetic structure.

There can be many problems
It can also lead to heart problems in patients with gastrointestinal tract, skeletal bones, or velvet. Usually all of these organs function normally but this was not the case in this Iraqi child, so he was easily separated. Some people may also have issues related to them.

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