Irene Lozano leaves Secretary of State for Sports to join Angel Gabilondo’s team in Madrid

Publication: Wednesday March 24, 2021 5:31 PM

The PSOE candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid, Ángel Gabilondo, is shaping what he wants to be the team that will accompany him in this campaign for the elections on May 4. The latest addition to the Madrid squad that laSexta has seen is Irene Lozano, until now president of the Superior Sports Council.

Lozano will leave to the Secretary of State for Sports the task of dealing with the regeneration, freedoms and democratic audit of the PSOE candidacy.

His participation in the May 4 electoral campaign will be formalized this Thursday during the ceremony during which Ángel Gabilondo also presents Pilar Llop. The President of the Senate will be number three on the electoral list of the Socialist candidate.

Another name that has already been made known is that of Hana Jalloul, current Secretary of State for Migration and former Socialist Member of the Assembly of Madrid in this legislature. The Socialists have chosen her to go at the top of the list with Gabilondo, and it will be number two.

It is expected that in this Thursday’s act of the PSOE, Gabilondo will present in full his signatures for the candidacy for these elections to the Community of Madrid.

Former UPyD deputy and with a long history linked to the PSOE

Irene Lozano is, in addition to being a politician, a journalist and a writer. She entered politics in 2011 and until 2015 was a member of the UPyD Congress of Deputies. It was then that she resigned her post as an MP and also resigned from this political party to be registered on the electoral roll of the PSOE as an independent.

Later, in 2018, she was appointed head of Global Spain at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the first government of Pedro Sánchez.

In 2019, he wrote the “ Resistance Manual ”, the book of the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez.

Since January 2020, Lozano has held the post of President of the Higher Sports Council as Secretary of State for Sports of Spain.

Irene Lozano is a woman of consensus who has managed to stop the tension in football between Tebas and Rubiales. He has also been tasked with handling the pandemic situation in sports in recent months, and not long ago he expressed his intention to continue working to achieve the goal of having a hearing in the near future. sports stadiums.

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