Irene Montero is committed to ensuring “a public, safe and free abortion in all communities”

Posted: Sunday May 30, 2021 11:03 PM

Irene Montero, Minister of Equality, reacted on her Twitter profile to the Salvados abortion program, in which Gonzo spoke with women who shared their dramatic experiences to speak out about how the public system failed them. “In Spain, abortion must be public, safe and free in all the Autonomous Communities, that is what we will guarantee”, he assured.

In addition, the minister retweeted a publication by Toni Morillas, director of the Institute for Women, who thanked Salvados “for shedding light on the reality of abortion in our country”. “It is the public authorities that must ensure that the right to abortion is exercised in public, in all territories and in safety. We will reform the law to guarantee it,” Morillas said.

Gonzo interviewed four women who are part of a support group for women who have abortions. The group now has more than 20 people. Claudia, resident of a family doctor, was informed in Murcia at 20 weeks pregnant that her son Miguel had an illness incompatible with life. To have an abortion, they sent her to a private clinic, but after finding out and seeing that she had bad reviews, she decided to go to a clinic in Madrod, also private, which a gynecologist had her better off. speak. But his experience was terrible. The woman recounts in this video how she was on the verge of death after undergoing a forced abortion in private.

Another very harsh testimony was that of Mar, who, under a fictitious name, recounted the terrible experience she had when she was treated in a hospital of the public health service of Murcia to terminate her pregnancy. The reason Mar was treated in a public hospital for an abortion was because her life was in danger, since the uterus had been operated on, she could have severe bleeding during the procedure.

However, the woman started to feel very bad in her room with “unbearable pains”, but far from caring for her, the midwife told her that she still had a long way to go before she could go. ‘give birth. “The midwife left and I immediately got up and went to the toilet and gave birth in the bathroom, alone and with the terror that my daughter would fall down the toilet hole”, a dramatic experience that shows the mismanagement and the terrible resources that have been in the hospital to intervene pregnancies. The harsh testimony in this video.

In addition, Gonzo interviewed Dr Juan Luis Delgado, head of the maternal and fetal medicine service at the Virgen de la Arrixaca hospital, the public referral hospital of Murcia and one of those who send women who want or must have an abortion in private clinics. The doctor, father of seven children, calls himself a “Christian gynecologist”.

“Why is there no termination of pregnancy in the hospital?” Gonzo asked Delgado, who stressed that “the decision must be made by the leaders and by the health service”. In addition, the doctor admitted that he himself knows the bad experiences of women in the private clinics where the hospital sends them for abortion. So why are you sending them? “Do you really prefer to take care of your patients in the hospital?” Gonzo asked indignantly. In this video, you can see the moment when Gonzo puts the doctor in trouble, who has finally admitted that the system is lacking for women who want to have an abortion.

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