Irene Montero proposes to regulate the conscientious objection of doctors to the first right to abortion

The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, assured this Thursday that “Spain is ready to definitively decriminalize abortion” and indicated her intention that the reform of the law on sexual and reproductive health be promoted in the ” next months “so that” is a reality as soon as possible “.

Montero inaugurated a conference on sexual and reproductive health, organized by the Institute of Women, where she spoke about this reform in which, as she indicated, they are already working, and which she herself announced there almost a year ago. In his speech, he acknowledged that the text approved on this subject in 2010 was “a significant step forward” for Spanish society, even though he believes that now “new needs have emerged”.

In addition, he criticized the “obstacles” which “at the hands of the PP” were included in the law in 2015, with “the obligation for women aged 16 to 18” to “have the express consent” of both. parents or guardians. to achieve Voluntary Pregnancy Interruption (EVI).

The head of Equality underlined that “the law on abortion needs reform” to “eliminate the three days of reflection” which are obligatory for women who have decided to carry out an EVI. She believes it is “important” to get the message across that “women’s decisions do not need supervision” or “to be supervised”.

Regulating conscientious objection

He also wants to “penalize the harassment of clinics” that practice CVI, a situation which, as he pointed out, not only women suffer, but also the professionals who work in these centers; and regulate the conscientious objection of doctors so that “it is not above the right to decide their body” of women and that they can practice the CVI in “a public hospital, close to their home, by choosing the method and with all rights guarantees “.

In his speech, he also touched on other issues that this regulation addresses, beyond abortion, and which, in his opinion, also need to be changed. Thus, the Minister undertakes to guarantee education in sexual and reproductive health for all the children of the country. More now that, as he indicated, this education “is questioned by the extreme right”.

The head of Equality defended this case as a “basis for eradicating” gender-based violence and for “transforming the culture of rape or submission into a culture of consent” promoted since the law of “only yes is yes” .

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