IRGC foiled Iran hijacking plan: Iran claims to have foiled passenger plane hijack attempt

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard paramilitary force claimed authorities thwarted an attempted hijacking of a passenger plane on a flight Thursday evening. The force said on its official website that the plane that attempted to hijack was heading from the southwest city of Ahwaz to the northwest city of Mashhad.

However, the identity of the kidnapper was not disclosed in the announcement made by the guards on Friday. He said Iran Air’s flight was diverted to the city of Isfahan in central Iran in an emergency. There were no casualties in this incident.

More than 100 passengers are said to have been on the plane at the time of the incident. The IRGC claimed that flight number 334 left Ahwaz airport on Thursday evening at 10:10 p.m. with a 10-minute delay. Meanwhile, a criminal planned to hijack the plane and land on the southern shore of the Persian Gulf.

However, the culprit was caught in time. During this period, no passenger was injured. Now the agencies are investigating the whole matter. All passengers on the plane were transported to their destinations via alternative flights.

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