irish state tv rte god violist: rapist shown to god on new year’s eve tv channel had to apologize – rte irish state tv apologizes for portraying god as a rapist in new years eve sketch

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On New Years Eve Irish TV channel RTE showed God as a rapist, followed by a barrage of complaints against the TV channel and apologized for learning that the TV channel had shown a funny sketch of God in London.
On New Years Eve, the official Irish TV channel RTE showed God as a rapist. After that, there was a deluge of complaints against the TV station and he had to apologize. It is said that the TV station aired funny sketches of God in which he was shown to be a rapist. Not only that, it has also been said that God has been sentenced to two years.

The TV station released a statement saying, “RTE believes the crime in this case is different for different people. Especially for those who laugh and laugh at sarcasm. He said based on the complaints and comments received from the public, we apologize to people, which hurt their feelings. The channel said the inflammatory clip was taken immediately.

RTE broadcast a mocking program on New Year’s Eve. It alleged that God raped a migrant from West Asia and conceived contrary to his will. After that, God was sentenced to two years in prison. 1,100 people complained to RTE after the Lord was shown to the rapist. This opinion has also been criticized by the Catholic Church in Ireland. It has been described as an insult to Christians.

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