Iron Dome action video: Iron Dome in action Viral video, Israel’s Hezbollah war Breaking news: Video of Iron Dome when he shot down Hezbollah rockets in the air

Tel Aviv
The lingering tension between Israel and the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah has again reached its peak. Israel’s Iron Dome air defense system on Friday downed several Hezbollah rockets fired from Lebanese soil. It is claimed that Hezbollah carried out the attack after an airstrike of Israeli Air Force fighter jets in the early hours of Thursday.

Israel shared a video of Iron Dome
A video of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Iron Dome missile system was also shared. In it, Iron Dome missiles are seen slamming Hezbollah rockets into the air. The IDF said Hezbollah fired the rockets into northern Israel and the Golan Heights. The Israeli military has also warned Hezbollah of dire consequences.

Hezbollah confirms rocket launch
At the same time, Hezbollah claimed to have fired dozens of rockets in open ground near Israeli targets in the disputed area of ​​Sheba’s farm. After which, in retaliation, the Israeli guns fired heavily at the launch sites of these missiles located in Lebanon. Israel also fired artillery fire at Hezbollah positions two days ago. Due to the distance from some launch sites, Israeli fighter jets flew into Lebanon and bombed there.

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Israel could attack Lebanon
Lebanon is currently grappling with political instability. At the same time, the Lebanese army is also not strong enough to confront Israel. In such a situation, if tensions increase, Israel can take major military action. The Israeli army has already fought a war with Lebanon. During these battles, Israel captured hundreds of kilometers of Lebanese land.

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Iron Dome is a precision short-range air defense system
The “Iron Dome” is a short range air defense system designed to destroy rockets, artillery and mortars. This Israeli system has surprised the world on several occasions with its success. The Iron Dome defense system can work in any weather. According to media reports, he is checking the range and direction of the target area and sounding the warning siren. Residents have 30 to 90 seconds to move to safer places after the siren goes off.

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Destroy enemy rockets with counter missiles
After that, anticipating the attack using their radar, the operators of the “Iron Dome” launch counter-missiles and destroy the rocket in the air. Each Iron Dome launcher carries 20 interceptor missiles. These missiles have an unmatched ability to intercept rockets and missiles. It destroys rocket attacks up to an altitude of 70 km. However, Israel must pay a heavy price for this. He has to spend $ 50,000 for each interceptor missile. Faced with the threat of attack, Israel has deployed Iron Dome system batteries to unknown locations across the country.

The Iron Dome has protected Israel since 2011
Israel first deployed the Iron Dome system in 2011. After the Israeli-Lebanese war in 2006, the Israeli government announced the creation of this system. In the Israeli-Lebanese war, Hezbollah fired thousands of rockets at Israel. Learning the lessons of this attack, Israel decided to build the Iron Dome system. The Iron Dome system was built by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems from Israel. He was also helped by Israel Aerospace Industries. The Rafale company claims that the Iron Dome is able to deter 90% of attacks. It also has a mobile version which provides air security for military, industrial and administrative buildings. There is also a naval version of the Iron Dome that protects Israeli ships at sea.

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