Is China Afraid of US and European Sanctions? Pro-democracy activists freed in Hong Kong – Hong Kong gives bail to pro-democracy activists arrested amid US threats and EU sanctions against China

Hong Kong
China, which oppresses the people of Hong Kong, is first seen to bow under pressure from countries around the world. Most of the pro-democracy activists arrested Wednesday in different parts of Hong Kong were eventually released on bail. The European Union and the United States have been the loudest voices against this repression by China. The United States and the European Union had also prepared to ban Chinese and Hong Kong police.

China took such action for the first time
At the same time, pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, who have been released on bail, fear being charged under strict National Security Law in the coming days. After implementing the National Security Law on July 1, 2019, China arrested so many lawmakers and activists against the pro-democracy movement for the first time.

What was the load on these people
China has alleged violated the new national security law by participating in informal primary elections for the legislature last year. In July last year, pro-democracy activists and lawmakers held unofficial primary elections to make the decision. Which candidate to present in the postponed legislative elections, which will improve their chances of winning the maximum number of seats in the next elections.

The others were released except three
Three of the 55 activists arrested have not been released. Among them, Joshua Wong and Tam Tak Chi are already incarcerated on separate charges. Former chairman of the Hong Kong Democratic Party, Wu Chi Wei, is also jailed for a separate protest. Wu Chi Wei was released on bail last month for instigating the protest in July 2019. Wei was also asked to present his travel document, but officials later learned that he had not presented his passport. , after which he was not released.

National security law can be imposed
Police said no workers were arrested under the security law. Democracy activist Lam said he (the police) had not made any allegations against us so far. But I have no doubts that they will accuse us in the next few days whether they have evidence or not. Lam said the reason for the arrest was to suppress the voice of disagreement in Hong Kong.

America and EU demanded immediate release
The United States and the European Union have strongly criticized China for the arrest of MPs and pro-democracy activists. The United States and Ouyu have also demanded the immediate release of these leaders from China. EU spokesman Peter Stano said the arrests were a sign that political pluralism would no longer be tolerated in Hong Kong. He said the security law was used to quell discontent and stifle human rights and political freedom.

China-Hong Kong ban preparations
The United States and the European Union had also prepared sanctions against Chinese and Hong Kong officials. EU spokesman Stano said of the sanctions against China that EU authorities and member countries were considering steps that could be taken in this regard. At the same time, the United States began to prepare a ban on Hong Kong officials.

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