Is Christmas the best time for CSR?

Each year, Christmas is presented as a way to remind ourselves of the importance of taking care of others. The need to be together and family feelings make us, in general, more likely to look after the good of our fellow human beings. The corporate world is no stranger to these good feelings, which is why many companies decide to put their CSR campaigns, internal and external, in these months.

In addition to ensuring that the end of the year is the time for employees to feel particularly supported by their company, they have at their disposal a series of tools to channel, through their workforce, actions that make go further their solidarity.

Many companies decide to include elements of solidarity in their gifts to employees. Either offer the possibility of opting (at Christmas, birthdays …) for donations to charities or, in some cases, to directly substitute these donations for donations.

Whatever method is chosen, employee satisfaction and complicity are obtained by involving them in the cause to which they bring their Christmas present. For this reason, formulas like the one offered by Click & Gift work so well in the sector, due to their simplicity and speed of implementation. Your Solidarity Gift Card allows the beneficiary to choose between a series of NGOs to allocate the contribution decided by the company, as well as to organize donations with a joint contribution from the company and the employee.

Charity auctions and cheers

Another way to involve the employee is to organize charity auctions or sweepstakes. These contests allow you to win a prize (usually symbolic) in exchange for a financial contribution.

The secret is in good communication so that employees want to participate and thus foster a spirit of solidarity between them.

Collecting food, clothing or merchandise

Although this action in 2020 is a little more complicated, due to social distancing rules, collecting food or clothing is a classic in companies that want to show solidarity and involve their employees.

The “kilo operations” involve direct aid to organizations that use these foods for soup kitchens or help those in greatest need.

Not just food, but everything essential can be given a second life and help those in need. Many companies invite their employees to deliver clothes, toys, books or computer equipment.

In addition to money or essential goods, employees can also contribute their time. Actions such as corporate volunteering are ideal for staff participation and are a way of strengthening bonds.

According to the Volunteering and Strategy organization, which is dedicated to organizing face-to-face or digital corporate events, a business with employees who participate in a volunteer project is 18% more productive.

For example, companies can carry out with their staff: hospital visits, projects involving people with disabilities, campaigns with a positive impact on the environment, or education actions for children in situation precariousness, among many other initiatives.

Another way to involve employees for charitable purposes is solidarity races. Running is a very united sector and it is very easy to find careers where the profits or part of them go in favor of a cause. This is the example of the Women’s Race, which this year is held virtually to maintain social distancing

2020, the year of solidarity

This year, unfortunately, it becomes more necessary that solidarity appears. Many companies have already set to work involving employees in charitable work, donations or volunteering, in an attempt to mitigate the consequences of the pandemic. Spain has been hit hard in this regard: Intermon Oxfam predicts a million more poor people in Spain due to the pandemic, which is believed to affect around 10 million people.

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