Is it possible to learn a trade in three months?

Three months to learn a new trade. It seems impossible, but it is not. For this, it is necessary that the person knows his strengths. Sales closing experts Alfonso Bastida and Christian Helmut explain that there is a skill that will not be affected by the crisis and that is to “close sales by helping others, not with scripts and manipulations, but with empathy”.

They both remember that one of the advantages of the Internet is being able to access any information at any time. In this sense, they advise choosing a course or study that improves and exploits the person’s prior knowledge.

One of the professions that can be developed in three months is that of digital assistant. It is a profession recommended for those whose strengths are organization, order and management of domestic finances. There are courses with which you can learn to develop skills that will help manage the client’s agenda, for example.

On the other hand, for the confident people who know what they want, a course that improves their sales skills. The key, according to Alfonso and Christian, is empathy, knowing how to put yourself in the customer’s shoes to help them achieve their goals. “You have to change the word sell to help you with your vocabulary,” they say.

Another profession that experts say can also be learned in just three months is copying. In this case, it is a professional who is also an expert in sales, but in a different way. The objective of the copy is to persuade the client by using the written word. This way you can get both a sale or an affiliate among others. For this, the copy must know in depth the target audience, the market and the competition. In addition, you will need to know how to guide the customer to the best option to meet their needs.

Finally, the experts point out that in three months it is possible to learn a new profession, but that to make it possible it is necessary to promote the strengths of each person’s personality.

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