Is it time to change jobs? Five signs that indicate yes


Is it time to change jobs? Five signs that indicate yes

Suffering from stress, irritability, fatigue or making work a taboo subject are some of the symptoms that warn that the time has come to change jobs.

BY RRHHDigital, 12:15 – 01 February 2021

The labor market, the business fabric and the way we understand the world have been severely affected by the COVID-19 health crisis. In fact, there is a loss of commitment to the corporate culture. In this sense, the existing job insecurity and the lack of motivation show that one in 4 Spaniards is not satisfied with their current professional situation and would like to change jobs, as evidenced by the latest surveys conducted by Infojobs .

Operating in one of the fastest growing fields, Ironhack – the leading school for intensive training for digital talents – analyzed 5 factors that indicate it’s time for a career change:

Stress, irritability and fatigue. When you are unwell at work or dislike what you are doing, the mental effects are immediately visible. This has been improved by telecommuting due to the lack of digital disconnection. The latest Cigna study shows that 74% of Spaniards are unable to switch off, so their level of fatigue and irritability has increased. Feeling constant stress can disturb a person’s peace of mind. This factor is even more noticeable when the employee begins to have difficulty sleeping or getting up to face another working day becomes a huge strain. Time stops. Watching the clock and sighing for going too slow is never a good sign. If the worker spends the day counting the minutes until the end of the day, he is not taking advantage of the time to carry out his activities. And it is that when the work becomes boring or it is impossible to progress within the company, the time has come to look for a new challenge that is more attractive and more related to the interests of the person. According to a report by the Robert Half agency, 64% of those questioned declared that they benefited from “job hopping” (change of job every 3 or 4 years) and for 75% of workers under 34, it was key to progress in your professional career. Work becomes a taboo subject. Talking about work with friends and family is not an option for those who don’t do what they love or want, as there are more interesting topics to discuss. With work occupying a large part of people’s lives, 30% estimated by Sodexo, it becomes normal to comment on it and if the subject is avoided or causes frustration, it is time for a change. Do not feel identified with the values ​​of the company. Working in an entity with which they do not feel personally identified can be an obstacle, as it is difficult to properly represent a project that does not define us. This leads to discredit for the work and even for the team, being another sign that it is time for a change. When looking for a job, it is important that the employee feels comfortable with the values ​​that define the company. Scarcity of opportunities and low wages. Sometimes the problem is not that the chosen career is not the one you initially imagined, but rather that you don’t have good job opportunities in this field. This is why many professionals are trying to explore new avenues. Indeed, 48% of employees plan to improve their training in order to have new employment opportunities.

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