Is Madrid changing its coronavirus data? This is how their historical case series change over the days.

Publication: Friday April 9, 2021 20:22

With the figures on the table, it is objective data that the Community of Madrid is adding new cases of daily infections to its historic series.

For example, as of March 29, 631,614 cumulative cases were reported. If we go back to that day today, we see that there were actually 634,357: 2,743 more cases. They were later added to the series. But that did not happen that day.

If we look at this entire week, looking at the cases that were reported on each of those days, we see a column showing the series that was subsequently changed. We see that every day more cases are added, on average more than 2,500 cases per day.

New infections which, if added 15 days later, do not count towards the cumulative incidence at 14 days. Looking at a random day, for example, March 15, we found that 1,075 new cases were recognized that day. 14 days later, we see that there were in fact 1336 on March 15. And if we go to today, March 15th, we see that there are 1,342 cases.

Different figures for the same day, a difference of cases that did not count for the cumulative incidence at 14 days in the Community of Madrid.

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