Is September a good month to change jobs? Tips for knowing what to expect after the holidays

Is September a good month to change jobs? Tips for knowing what to expect after the holidays

For many, the year begins in September. The ninth month of the year has that “twist” that reminds us of new challenges and resolutions after returning from vacation and recharging energy. New TV programs start, new series are created, a new school year begins, we go back to the gymnasium … This is why many people also decide to start a new course in the workplace and look for a new job. . According to the latest analysis of trends and perceptions from the Alares Observatory, September and October are the months with the most job seekers, ahead of other periods, such as spring (second place) and the start of the year ( third place). Almost 30% of people who seek new professional challenges do so after the holidays. And this 2021, the year of great changes and transformations, is going to be much more. Alares gives a series of keys to know the needs of the job offers and the new profiles of the candidates.

The +: September, new professional challenges

The last quarter of the year is, in general, a good time when companies launch new campaigns, set goals for the following year … Thus, profiles looking for new challenges have an excellent opportunity to contact recruiters; above other periods, such as Christmas or summer, more linked to specific campaigns and where the objectives are more short-term. It must be taken into account that the search for new professional challenges is the main reason why people change jobs, according to the Alares Observatory, above the economic salary (second position).

Cons: September, more difficult to differentiate

It is true that September and October are busy months in companies and all teams are very busy closing budgets. While this can be beneficial as new needs arise, it’s also worth noting that management teams will have less time to analyze resumes. For this reason, it is very important to know how to differentiate yourself in a creative and unique way, taking into account that many people are looking for work on these dates and, therefore, the competition is greater. Nevertheless, this period is also a good opportunity for freelance work and the search for new external contracts with companies which seek the support of freelancers and other companies to launch important campaigns to come, like Black Friday or Christmas, or the following year. .

Millennials, the fastest growing professions

A very important aspect is generational. In general, millennials change jobs more times than other generations. As Javier Benavente, president of Alares, explains in his blog, it is “a prepared and conscious generation which seeks a clear objective aligned with its values”. For them, it is very important to have leaders who are empathetic and committed to the success of their teams. There is also a need to provide them with opportunities to continue their education and acquire new skills, as well as flexible and safe working styles and work-life balance and cohesion. However, it should also be taken into account that many of them suffered the 2008 crisis just when it was their turn to enter the labor market and they are still looking for opportunities allowing them to ” have less precariousness and more stability. They have shown tremendous resilience and the economy still has an unresolved issue with the most prepared generation in history.

Watch out for the scar effect

In a situation as delicate as high unemployment rates and the economic difficulties encountered by certain companies, the scarring effect of precariousness forces us to be careful in choosing one job or another. This effect shows that starting with bad jobs increases the risk of chaining more bad jobs. Therefore, it is advisable not to compulsively search and apply job offers. You have to read the conditions carefully, set them without hesitation and rationally analyze the professional goals you want to set for yourself. Assertive research will help us in the long run to build more lasting personal and professional well-being.

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