is sex safe after the covid vaccine: how safe is it to have sex after taking the covid vaccine

Russian health officials have advised people to abstain from sex for at least three days after receiving the corona vaccine. Dr Denis Grafer, Deputy Minister of Health of the Saratov region, said Russians should avoid sex as well as increased physical stress after having sex. Earlier in Russia, people were asked to avoid drinking vodka, smoking and inhaling vapor immediately after vaccination.

In Russia, only 13% of people are vaccinated
Russia, which has made two or two vaccines against the corona virus, is one of the least vaccinated countries in the world. In Russia, only 13% of people received both doses of the corona virus vaccine. While in other European countries, this figure is above the average of 30 percent. Russia is also criticized for the slow pace of vaccination.

Russia distributes vaccines around the world and over 600 deaths a day in his own country, what is Putin doing after all?
Tips for people to avoid sex
Dennis Grafer told a press conference that I believe and everyone knows that sex is a very energy consuming activity. That is why we warn those who follow the vaccination is not recommended. Those who have been recently vaccinated should avoid all physical activity, including sex.

Russia Sputnik brings booster dose of corona vaccine, will be particularly effective on the delta variant
Russian vaccine still awaiting WHO approval
Russia administers doses of Sputnik V vaccine to its citizens. This vaccine is also a two-dose vaccine like the AstraZeneca vaccine. Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine is still awaiting approval from the World Health Organization. However, in a survey carried out in different countries, this vaccine was found to be effective against the corona virus. Russia claims this vaccine is 91.6% effective against Corona. So far, 67 countries around the world including India have approved this vaccine.

Top scientist refutes sex claim
Grafer is a Russian yoga practitioner as well as a senior politician. However, his request for a sexual ban was criticized by a senior medical official. Grafer boss Oleg Kostin, referring to sex after vaccination, said you can do it, just do it carefully. He also said the Russians should have common sense and not overdo it.

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