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On April 26, 1986 we experienced the greatest nuclear disaster of all time: Chernobyl! In Ukraine, one of the reactors exploded due to human error and design! Millions of people were directly affected by the radioactive cloud. The inhabitants of the city of Pripyat on the outskirts of Chernobyl were forced to leave everything in a second! This then unknown city became the center of the world and its worries.

Today, Chernobyl in Urbex is available for lovers of photography of the genre. A Urbex authorized and very supervised. But since 2019 it has also been the name of a series recently broadcast on M6. And this show is a hit, but does it really tell the truth about what happened there? For the Russians caricatural, for some more realistic, opinions differ!

Realistic series?

Despite the Chernobyl Arch, that huge sarcophagus that covers the nuclear reactor, radioactivity still seems to be increasing! Radioactive particles buried under the rubble would re-enter.

The Chernobyl series therefore takes up this unprecedented catastrophe and tries to reconstruct that terrible day of April 26, 1986. The series is intended to be informative as the viewer can pursue different viewpoints. Those of scientists, survivors of the city of Pripyat or engineers of the nuclear power plant.

Radioactivity is still present today. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Fotokon

Craig Mazin, creator of the series, keeps pointing out that his work is an authentic reconstruction of this drama! Some dialogues or scenes even come from testimonies from La Supplication by Svetlana Alexievitch, a book about scientific preparations for the disaster! In addition, many Russian media are of the opinion that the story corresponds to reality.

Or not ?

The Russian media, closer to power and Putin, judged the series as “cartoonish”! No wonder if you suspect possible reactor tests without warning! Anatoly Diatlov, who was the project leader that day, was also tried “in 1987 for” criminally engaging in a potentially explosive activity “and sentenced to ten years in prison.

Radioactive traces for the next decades … Image rights: Shutterstock / Fotokon

“Shortly before his death, he denounced the Soviet nuclear authorities, stating that reactor No. 4 should not have been commissioned, that they did not have the necessary documentation for this reactor and that the explosion was inevitable. “Says his Wikipedia file.

Another dissenting voice rises against the series by Michael Shellenberger, a proponent of nuclear power. He explains that describing radiation is called a contagious phenomenon, like a virus. He believes the show’s sensationalism is inconsistent with the reality on the ground. Obviously, authentic elements would have been modified to add dramatic content to the series. Eventually, the role of certain countries in the disaster on the series would be minimized.

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