is the universe in patterns: Giant Galaxy Arc found challenging the cosmological principle of the universe:

A unique “shape” has been discovered 9.2 billion light years from Earth. A massive galactic arc spanning 3.3 billion light years has been discovered in the constellation Bootes the Herdsman. With its discovery, the discussion intensified on what is the vision of space in general? This massive arc is 1 / 15th of the radius of the observable universe. It is believed that matter in the universe is spread out according to a pattern. Therefore, it is expected that there will not be much irregularities when viewed on a large scale.

The arc is three times bigger

The discovery was made by Alexia Lopez, a doctoral student at the Jeremiah Horrocks Institute at the University of Central Lincolnshire and adviser Roger Close, with Gerard Williser of the University of Louisville, using the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. “Usually a shape that is at least 1.2 billion light years away is considered a limit,” Alexia said. So this huge arc is three times the size. In such a situation, the question arises whether such a huge number is a coincidence or is the truth more than that? (ALEXIA M. LOPEZ / Jérémie Horrock)

How did you study?

When it comes to the universe, it is believed that whatever part of it can be seen, the rest will be the same. This is called the cosmological principle. The huge arch and other figures of this type raise questions about this. To do this, the researchers studied the effect of quasars on the magnesium absorption system. Quasars are distant galaxies that emit large amounts of energy and light. Alexia says the quasar acts like a giant lamp. He said the spectra made from these quasars can be studied using a telescope.

How is the universe?

This shows where the light has been absorbed. With the help of magnesium, it can be detected that light from quasars has passed through galaxies. With the help of this “fingerprint” one can see such material which usually does not shine very much. Alexia said that when seen on a large scale, the case is expected to spread in some way. According to this, the model seen in a vast part, the whole universe will be filled with the same model, regardless of the part seen from anywhere. However, the discovery of the giant arch raised the question of the extent of this model.

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