Isabel Díaz Ayuso wins elections and Pablo Iglesias leaves politics

Publication: Wednesday, May 5, 2021 5:01 AM

The Popular Party becomes the most voted formation in the Community of Madrid after having exceeded 1.6 million votes in the community, which gives it 65 seats in the Madrid Assembly. Isabel Díaz Ayuso has in her hands to be again invested as president, because after having exceeded the number of votes to the whole of the left bloc, she only needs the abstention of the extreme right. The formation led by Rocío Monasterio, which obtained nearly 145,000 votes and 13 representatives in the Assembly, has already announced that it will facilitate his inauguration

In the progressive bloc, Más Madrid completed the surprise of the PSOE. Despite the equality of seats between the candidacy of Mónica García and that of Angel Gabilondo, the former managed to collect more than 4,000 votes against the Socialist candidate.

Pablo Iglesias’ candidacy for United We Can is just over 260,000 votes and 10 seats, and the purple leader has announced he is stepping down from politics. Edmundo Bal failed to reverse the negative trend of Ciudadanos, who went from being the third force in the Madrid Assembly to completely disappearing from the hemicycle, failing to reach the 5% of the vote necessary to enter it.

Madrid election results in 2019

In the elections held two years ago in the Community of Madrid, the PSOE was the winning party, winning 37 seats, garnering 27.35% of the support of the people of Madrid. Despite the result obtained by the socialists, Ángel Gabilondo could not become president of the region because he did not obtain sufficient support to obtain a majority in the nomination.

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who won 22.71% of the vote in Madrid and 30 seats for her party, reached a government agreement with Ciudadanos and Vox. Thanks to the 26 Orange representatives, led by Ignacio Aguado, the Cs became part of Madrid’s first coalition government, while those of Rocío Monasterio offered their 12 seats without entering the executive.

In the progressive bloc, Más Madrid, led by Íñigo Errejón, came in force in the Assembly by winning 20 seats, above Unidos Podemos, which at the time had Isa Serra at the top of the list. The purples went from 27 to 7 seats. Thus, the left bloc added one seat less than the Conservatives to the Assembly.

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