Isabel Franco, Valle Miguélez and Francisco Álvarez, the three deputies of the citizens of Murcia who agree with López Miras

Updated: Friday, March 12, 2021 2:15 PM

Published on: 12.03.2021 13:14

The political earthquake in Murcia has given a new shock: Ciudadanos MPs Isabel Franco, Valle Miguélez and Francisco Álvarez join the government of Murcia and López Miras asks Ciudadanos and the PSOE to withdraw the motion of censure.

Isabel Franco is the Regional Vice-President and Advisor for Equality, LGTBI, Families and Social Policy. Franco was the Oranges candidate in 2019, but lost the election to Ana Martínez Vidal, the candidate for the censure motion. Since then, there has been a certain division within the parliamentary group. In fact, she was saved from the dismissal of the Orange advisers led by Martínez Vidal.

Another of the deputies is Valle Miguélez and her escape is more surprising because, just an hour before the press call for López Miras was announced, she was registered as a member of the government program negotiating group with the PSOE.

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