Isabel Zendal continues without patients and forcibly transferred health workers complain: “We don’t know anything”

“We don’t know anything”. It is the uncertainty that invades Belén Sánchez, internist on October 12, before his imminent forced transfer to the new pandemic Isabel Díaz Ayuso hospital. “We do not know when it will be necessary to leave, nor how long it will last, nor the working conditions, the characteristics of the guards, if the holidays are respected …”, indicates the health company.

Like her, hundreds of professionals in Madrid’s public hospitals will be forced to leave their posts to fill the staff of Isabel Zendal, inaugurated on December 1 without doctors. Although the regional executive indicated that this week the first patients would be received, for the moment “there is no activity” in the new hospital, according to the medical union AMYTS, which specifies that for the moment ” no one has been.

The Community opted for forced transfers after having succeeded in recruiting around 100 volunteers to fill the 669 posts necessary for the establishment of its first pavilion. A few days ago, Belén and five of his companions learned that they were among the people selected. The vacancies they will leave on October 12 “remain vacant, however. “Colleagues who stay in the hospital will have to cover our work,” warns the doctor.

Councilor Enrique Ruiz Escudero maintains, however, that “the rest of the hospitals” in the region are not being dismantled. This is how he supported this Wednesday on “Antena 3”, where he defended that “COVID activity is being transferred” to the new center. An argument that does not convince Belén. “The figures do not come out,” says the doctor, noting that “the availability of beds in Zendal is impossible to cover all the patients who require intensive care in the Community of Madrid”.

Although the regional health official insists that staff leave the “11,364 COVID contracts” entered into to deal with the pandemic, Belén says that up to 80% of such contracts in his hospital are actually “a concatenation of temporary contracts “of professionals who” drag them for years and who are in fact part of the structural staff. “They will be evacuated from this hospital, with the consequence of overloading the colleagues who remain,” he says.

Dozens of forced transfers

The workers’ committees have evidence of at least 297 health workers from 14 public hospitals in Madrid whose transfer to Zendal has been requested by the ministry. October 12 is precisely when more health workers will leave to go to the new Ayuso hospital: fifty, according to AMYTS data.

Raúl Martínez, also internist at this hospital, finds himself in a situation similar to that of Belén: in his case, he is a “ replacement ” in case one of his selected colleagues could not go, for example , if his contract is not renewed. . “The safest thing is that I have to go to Zendal by force, without having asked for it and 35 kilometers from my home,” he laments.

His situation, he explains to LaSexta, is that of “total precariousness and vulnerability”. “This year, I signed four contracts,” he says, reproaching that while waiting to know whether they are transferred or not, professionals cannot organize their care activity, but not their personal life either. “We feel totally vulnerable, unprotected and already a little tired of the treatment by Administrations”, sentence.

An open hospital without doctors

Even without a specific date for the arrival of these professionals, Ayuso herself said on Wednesday that the first patients will start arriving at Isabel Zendal “at the end of this week”. The president of Madrid defended herself from criticism in an interview on “Telecinco”, where she argued that the pandemic hospital, her flagship measure against the coronavirus, “is leading a campaign against him”.

For his part, Vice-President Ignacio Aguado confined himself to pointing out at a press conference that the entry of staff and patients is “imminent”, but avoided giving more details, referring to the explanations from the Ministry of Health.

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