ISDI allocates 150 scholarships for digital skills training of candidates of professional or academic excellence


ISDI allocates 150 scholarships for digital skills training of candidates of professional or academic excellence

The business school collaborated with the Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence (SEDIA) in the design of the new national plan for digital skills through which Spain will receive 3,600 million euros of help in the training of its citizens. scholarships to promote female talent, social impact projects, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, among others.Each candidate can submit the scholarship application at the start of the admission process to one of the ISDI programs, and priority will be given to those who present a greater difficulty for their financing

BY RRHHDigital, 05:00 – 16 July 2021

ISDI Digital Talent, the most active educational institution in digital skills training in Spain, will offer 5 million euros in scholarships to people who need help to train in different areas of the digital world. In addition, the business school has collaborated with the State Secretariat for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence (SEDIA) in the design of the new National Plan for Digital Skills through which our country will receive 3,600 million dollars. euros of aid for the training of its citizens.

For its part, ISDI, through its ISDI Digital Talent Scholarship Program, allocates a total of 650 scholarships to people belonging to various social groups and who find it more difficult to finance training programs of this type. For Rodrigo Miranda, Director General of ISDI: “This new collaboration reflects our constant commitment to facilitate and provide the entire population with access to quality training in digital skills. This project will mark a before and after in the professional careers of hundreds of students who, with ISDI, will achieve a qualitative leap in their professional life ”.

The school has divided these grants into six main categories:

Female digital talent: 100 scholarships for 100 women of all ages who aspire to lead the digital transformation of their own project or within their company. To achieve this, they will need to be prepared for high performance and immersive training to achieve excellent digital skills development. Women who know what it’s like to work tirelessly to achieve their goal: to be the female digital references of their generation. Professionals committed to sustainability, solidarity and social impact: 50 scholarships for people engaged in what is happening in the world and who actively participate as agents of change. Volunteers from NGOs or ENLs (non-profit organizations) who can demonstrate their involvement in a project with a social, humanitarian, ecological, environmental or sustainability impact. Professional or academic excellence scholarships: 150 scholarships for candidates capable of accrediting with their academic or professional record deserve their excellence thanks to their efforts, commitment and perseverance. For international students: 100 scholarships for non-Spanish nationals fluent in at least two languages ​​as a commitment to cultural diversity, thus helping to raise the standard of the courses. For people in a situation of unemployment, ERTE or in need of study assistance: 150 scholarships available to people in precarious employment, unemployed, affected by an ERTE, large family or in a situation of individual or family disability to give them the opportunity to train in digital skills. For entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs: 100 scholarships intended for all profiles who are at the heart of companies and digital technologies developing innovative projects, so that they can continue to be trained in technology and innovation and be at the cutting edge.

Rodrigo Miranda adds that “this is an ambitious aid plan with which ISDI takes a new step in its commitment to the transformation and digitization of businesses and society. Its objective is to work on the development and preparation of the profiles most in demand today – specialists in data, technology, business or digital marketing – to meet the offer of so-called future professions ” .

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