ISIS claimed responsibility for Baghdad suicide attack targeting Shia Muslims: number of people killed in Baghdad suicide bombings 32, ISIS takes responsibility

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The number of people killed in two suicide bombings in a crowded Baghdad market has reached 32. The attacks took place amid tension in Iraq over plans to hold pre-election elections.
On Thursday, 32 people died in two suicide bombings in a crowded market in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, while 110 others were injured. The suicide bombings took place in the Bab al-Sharqi commercial zone in central Baghdad amid tensions and economic crisis over plans to hold elections in Iraq early. The international terrorist organization Islamic State took responsibility for these bloody attacks.

ISIS issued a statement saying its targets were Shia Muslims. ISIS was defeated in Iraq in 2017 by the military. At one point, IS militants captured 88,000 square kilometers of land from Iraq to Syria. Although ISIS sleeper cells still exist in Iraq. This is the largest suicide bombing in Iraq in the past 3 years. Iraqi Health Minister Hassan Mohammed al-Tamimi said at least 32 people were killed and 110 others injured in the attack.

‘The attacker shouted before the attack that he was sick’
Iraq’s health ministry said all of its hospitals in the capital were being treated for the injured. Joint Operations Command spokesman Major General Tehseen al-Khafaji said the first suicide bomber shouted before the attack in a crowded market that he was sick, so many people gathered around him, then exploded. The second attacker quickly bombed himself.

Al-Khafaji said: “This is a terrorist incident that was carried out by the Islamic State sleeper cell.” He said the Islamic State wanted to show its existence after taking a bite out of military operations. This is the first suicide bombing in the crowded Baghdad market in nearly three years. Earlier in 2018, there was a suicide bombing in the same area after then-prime minister Hyder al-Abadi announced victory over the Islamic State terrorist organization.

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