ISIS in Mozambique: Daesh massacred in Mozambique, know why this African country is becoming a bastion of terror – 50 people beheaded in Mozambique, know how this country has become the new capital of terrorism

ISIS terrorists who fled Syria to Mozambique are wreaking havoc. This militant organization is spreading its wings across the country due to the flight of government forces. According to a Daily Mail report, ISIS militants killed 50 disobedient people on a soccer field. Not only that, the terrorists smashed the bodies of these people after that.

Slogans of Allah Hu Akbar
According to BBC News reports, the gunmen shouted “Allah Hu Akbar” slogans as they attacked the village. A Mozambique police chief told The Times that the attackers set houses ablaze and then killed the escapees. The previous week, many villages had been attacked and looted. In one incident, dozens of men and boys were beheaded by suspected jihadists.

Women making a sex slave
ISIS fighters have now reached Africa after being driven out of Syria. He declared a city in the African country of Mozambique as his new capital. They capture crude oil reserves here to increase their income. There has also been an unprecedented increase in abductions of women after ISIS arrived in this country. It is said that IS fighters kidnap women and turn them into sex slaves. In Syria, too, these terrorists made many women of the Yediji community sex slaves.

ISIS announced the construction of a new capital
ISIS militants have killed more than 1,500 people in Mozambique so far. Due to his career, around a lakh of people have been displaced in this country since 2017. In August of this year, militants captured the port city of Mosimboa da Praia in the province of Cabo Delgado. These terrorists told residents that this city would become their next capital.

ISIS made its new capital here

Terrorists chase government security forces
The region is rich in crude oil. Due to the presence of dense forests here, it is easy for terrorists to smuggle weapons and ammunition. The presence of the army in this region is now almost non-existent. The places where the army is present are also engaged in the expulsion of the terrorist organization. Locals know these terrorist groups as Machabos or Al Shabaab. However, the group affiliated with ISIS calls itself al-Sunnah wa Jamaay.

This is the reason for terrorists’ paradise
In conversation with the Daily Star, organized terrorism expert David Otto of Terrorism and Global Risk International said the region is a terrorists’ paradise due to the deep jungle and easy access to it. Indian Ocean. These groups easily hide from here in dense forests and do not even come into the eyes of the security forces. In this area, they use the attack and flight technique. They can also easily escape into the deep sea.

ISIS terrorists interact with the local population
Abdala Likongo, one of the leaders of the militant group, is said to have married a member of the local Makunde tribe. This local mobilization, this support and this knowledge of the populations and the region gives these terrorist groups a huge advantage over government security forces. Because the government army personnel assigned to this area have no knowledge of the local language, culture, and field math.

The army flees for fear of terrorists
Last year ISIS militants launched a series of attacks. When the terrorists attacked the town of Mosimboa da Pria, the navy present here retaliated with them. But when their ammunition started to run out, they too fled for their lives. This led to ISIS occupying the whole city. The city is located near a $ 45 billion natural gas project.

Terrorists have a stockpile of weapons
According to the report, local terrorists have collected satellite phones, networked computers and other essential warfare equipment to counter government security forces. They have more than one weapon and a whole army of fighters. These terrorists carry out raids against police stations, military outposts and private security companies. They also receive large amounts of weapons and ammunition.

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