Islamic Movement in East Turkestan: China and Pakistan jointly fight against terrorist in Xinjiang Islamic Movement in East Turkestan of Afghanistan: China and Pakistan will wage war in Afghanistan against terrorists in Xinjiang

China also fears the rise of the Taliban after the withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan. China fears that Islamist terrorists in the Xinjiang province bordering Afghanistan will take advantage of this opportunity to carry out attacks. A few days ago, it was reported that a large number of East Turkestan Islamic Movement terrorists operating in Xinjiang had gathered 90 kilometers from the Chinese border. For this reason, China has decided to increase its role in Afghanistan with Pakistan. It is believed that China could fund some local terrorist groups in Afghanistan.

China, Pakistan consider role in Afghanistan
China has also said it will fight terrorism with Pakistan. China continues to fear the failure of ongoing talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban. Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, in a meeting with Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi in China on Saturday, spoke of strengthening the role of the two countries in Afghanistan. However, China has not said whether it is considering military action in Afghanistan with Pakistan.

Islamic terrorists in Xinjiang gathered 90 km from Chinese border, frightened Jinping changed special envoy
The two countries will increase interference in Afghanistan
Wang Yi said China and Pakistan are directly affected by the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan. During Qureshi’s visit to China, the two countries expressed their solidarity to strengthen mutual cooperation and deal with the situation in Afghanistan. Wang said China and Pakistan will seek peace in order to prevent civil war in Afghanistan. He also said that China and Pakistan would also offer to negotiate talks between the Afghans.

Taliban Pakistan News: Taliban struck Pakistan, said – we have no control over TTP terrorists, speak for yourself
China and Pakistan will fight terrorism
The two leaders jointly declared that China and Pakistan will fight terrorism together. They will urge all major forces in Afghanistan (the Taliban) to draw a clear line with terrorism. Both countries will take tough action against terrorist forces like the Islamic Movement in East Turkestan (ETIM) and prevent Afghanistan from once again becoming a haven for terrorists.

The United States is also surprised by the plan of the Taliban, terrorists in preparation to reach Afghanistan without going to war
Xinjiang terrorists flee Afghanistan to Pakistan
China’s Global Times newspaper, citing some experts, claimed that due to the changing environment in Afghanistan, East Turkestan Islamic Movement terrorists operating in Xinjiang may have fled to Pakistan. It is claimed that ETIM terrorists collaborated with the Pakistani Taliban (TTP) to attack China in Pakistan. Security experts have warned that if the situation in Afghanistan worsens, Pakistan as well as the China-Pakistan economic corridor would be at risk.

Taliban tell China ‘friend’ welcomed in Afghanistan vowed not to give Uyghurs asylum
Chinese “terrorists” in Xinjiang stand 90 km away
The Taliban have captured the border points of Iran, Pakistan and China. According to reports, activists from the separatist group Islamic Movement of East Turkestan gathered in large numbers in Badakhshan province in Afghanistan. 90 km from the border of this province is shared by the Chinese province of Xinjiang. Xinjiang province also shares borders with Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and Tajikistan.

‘India gives arms to Afghan army,’ Taliban said – prove fairness before arguing with us
Taliban see China as friendly country
However, Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen said in a recent interview that they consider China a “friend” and would not allow Uyghur separatist fighters in Xinjiang province to operate from Afghanistan. But observers believe China’s skepticism of the Taliban remains.

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