Ismail Khan on Pakistan’s Taliban: Ismail Khan, friend of the Lion of Herat in India, promises to crush the Taliban and Pakistanis in Afghanistan

Ismail Khan, an elderly ruler of the Afghan city of Herat, known as the “lion,” pledged to selectively eliminate Taliban terrorists and the Pakistanis who aid them. Khan said this war was not between the Taliban and the Afghan government, but between Pakistani terrorists and Afghanistan. Fighters of Indian friend Ismail Khan and the Afghan army are stationed in the town of Herat and have repeatedly forced Taliban terrorists to leave the battlefield and flee.

Ismail Khan himself also roams the city with an AK-47 in hand and increases people’s confidence. At his call, slogans of “Allah Hu Akbar” are now being launched throughout Afghanistan against the Taliban. Ismail Khan said: “I openly say to the Afghan people that this war is not between the Taliban and the Afghan government. It is Pakistan’s war against the Afghan country. The Taliban are their resource and they work like servants.

The Taliban are present on the outskirts of Herat, pulling
The Taliban want to destroy the city of Herat, which has been the center of civilization and culture since historic times, but Ismail Khan stands like a rock before them. He is seen with great respect throughout the city of Herat. Taliban militants are present on the outskirts of Herat, the country’s third largest city, and shoot from there. Ismail Khan, now called Amir, took responsibility for saving civilians from these attacks.

Ismail Khan is a former mujahideen who took an assault rifle in his hand in the 1970s. After that he fought a war against the Taliban. Now, if he succeeds again in stopping the Taliban storm, he will be immortal in Afghanistan. During his appeal, residents of the city of Herat waved slogans from Allah hu Akbar to express their support for the government and the military and recorded their protest against the Taliban terrorist group.

Ismail Khan is a good friend of India, built the Salma Dam
The pro-government slogans launched by the men, women and miners of the city of Herat have been an unprecedented development in 20 years. Now this campaign has spread across the country. On Tuesday evening, residents of Kabul and several other cities took to the streets overnight and waved Allah Hu Akbar’s slogans against the Taliban. Ismail Khan is of Tajik origin and effectively eliminates the Taliban.

Ismail Khan is a good friend of India and played a major role in the construction of the Salma Dam. The Taliban attacked the Salma roadblock, which was foiled by the Afghan army. This dam was built by India. Ismail Khan came to India in April and met with Foreign Minister S Jaishankar. Only last month Afghan President Ashraf Ghani met Ismail Khan and gave him full assurances of his help. Large numbers of Afghan forces reached Herat at Khan’s request.

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