Israel Attack on Gaza City: Israeli rocket attack in Gaza kills Hamas commander: Hamas commander killed in Gaza in Israeli attack

The Gaza City commander of the militant group Hamas was killed in an Israeli airstrike. Hamas confirmed this. Bassem Issa, who was killed in Wednesday’s attack since the Battle of Gaza in 2014, is believed to have been Hamas’ biggest official to date. At the same time, the number of Palestinians who died in Gaza in Israeli attacks has risen to 43. These include 13 children and three women. About 300 people were injured.

Hamas issued a statement saying that Jesus was killed along with several other comrades in the ongoing fighting in Gaza for two days. Earlier, Israel’s internal intelligence agency said the ISA and other Hamas militants were killed in Israeli airstrikes. Isa and other commanders were assigned different positions in the Gaza Strip.

Watch: Hamas’ worst attack on Israel, 130 rockets rained, Indian nurse dead
In response to Israeli airstrikes, Hamas carried out the largest attack ever, firing 130 rockets one by one at Tel Aviv and other populated areas. An Indian nurse has died after being struck by the attack. Earlier on Tuesday, Israel launched an airstrike on Gaza, targeting two multi-story buildings. They also include the Hanadi Tower.

Regarding the tower, he believed militants were hiding there, while Hamas and other armed groups fired hundreds of rockets at southern Israel. In these attacks from both sides, 28 people, including children, were killed, while two Israeli women also died. The clashes took place after weeks of tension in Jerusalem.

India expressed concern over violence and clashes at Haram Al Sharif / Mount Temple in Jerusalem, as well as evacuations in neighboring Sheikh Jarrah and Silvan, and called on both sides to refrain from changing the status quo. quo. India’s permanent representative to the United Nations, TS Tirumurthy, tweeted that he had expressed concern during the United Nations Security Council meeting on the matter.

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Attack in Gaza

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