Israel drone swarm technology: Israel AI drone swarm in Gaza attack on Hamas

Israel used artificial intelligence (AI) for the first time in military action around the world. It is believed that this movement of Israel can only change the map of future wars. Israel has used swarms of artificial intelligence drones in military action against Hamas extremists in the Gaza Strip. During this operation, the Israeli army succeeded in eliminating its targets without entering the Gaza Strip. A senior IDF officer involved in this Hybrid War said it was the first time that AI technology had been widely used in an operation. Previously, AI technology was used to defend against Hamas missile attacks and identify targets. The experiences we have learned from this operation will be used to further improve the accuracy of the attack.

Will tell Israeli missiles – where to attack

Israel used artificial intelligence to determine the trajectory of the rocket based on the radar information. These prevent Israeli rockets from entering the densely populated areas of the Gaza Strip. Not only that, this system was also designed to launch rockets on their own as needed. If the Israeli AI drone flying in the Gaza Strip is to attack, then on its order, the missile will launch automatically, locking the target. In such a situation, these drones can become a call to Hamas in the Gaza Strip. With their help, Israel can retaliate before the Hamas rocket attack. Hamas missile launch sites are said to be already destroyed by such attacks by the IDF. With this, Israel will not have to spend much on its air defense. Because in order to stop the Hamas rockets, Israel must fire missiles worth millions of rupees.

Why Israel needed AI drones

In fact, in May of this year, Hamas fired at least 4,000 rockets at Israel. In retaliation, Israel’s Iron Dome missile system knocked down 90 percent of Hamas’s rockets. However, even then 10 percent of the rockets caused great destruction on Israeli soil. Israel has several missile defense systems, including the Iron Dome. In which the cost of the missiles used is very high. The cost of each interceptor missile is approximately US $ 50,000. In such a situation, to stop an enemy rocket, several times two or more missiles must be fired. Financially, this battle is very heavy. Therefore, Israel decided to destroy Hamas targets with missile strikes before the launch. Gaza’s dense population has always been an obstacle to Israel’s military campaign. Therefore, Israel used drones equipped with AI technology to save them.

Israel is preparing a 3D map of the Gaza Strip

Israel has studied the large amount of data obtained from human intelligence and geographic information to determine a specific attack on the Gaza Strip. After that, a 3D map of Gaza was prepared on the basis of satellite images, sensors and many other sources. This map identifies the Hamas rocket launch site. After which precise attacks were carried out on these targets with AI technology. With this technology, Israel can use the exact weapon used for the attack. Not only that, if the IDF is to go to Gaza, drones made from AI technology can also provide them with a safe means.

Swarm drone technology is no less dangerous

When multiple drones perform a mission together, this system is referred to as drone swarm or swarm drone technology. In these there is a mother drone, from which emerge many small drones capable of attacking different targets. Due to the high number, enemy anti-aircraft guns or missiles also prove ineffective against them. This new technology has the potential to change the whole battle scene in the future. This technology will prove to be very important in war without contact war, that is, without any human contact. These drones have the power to carry out a suicide attack on strategic enemy targets. These drones are also known as ALFA-S (Air Launched Flexible Asset or Swarm). Its main drone or parent drone can be dropped into the air through any fighter jet. After which many small drones will emerge from these mother drones and be able to destroy enemy bases.

Swarming drones can cause massive destruction

Swarm drones are capable of causing massive destruction in enemy territory. Inexpensive, lightweight and equipped with high-tech artificial intelligence technology, these drones are capable of destroying any target. Swarm drones are also capable of deceiving air defense systems and radars operating in enemy territory. Due to their small size, even radars are mostly unable to capture these drones. Swarm drones are capable of wreaking havoc by penetrating 50 kilometers inside enemy territory. These can contain guns or bombs, which can be shot or explode. Apart from this, with the help of Swarm Drone, logistics and military equipment can also be delivered to the military in difficult situations. Due to its small size, each drone can airlift a small amount of cargo and drop it off at a designated place.

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