Israel Gaza War: Turkey calls for action against Israel over Gaza attack as UN fears war: Turkey’s firm stance on Israel warns of war in Gaza

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Concerned about Israeli attacks on Gaza, Turki talks to Russia, says he wants to teach Israel a lesson: UN envoy warns of war, appeasement of fire
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Russian President Vladimir Putin that the international community should “teach him a difficult and different lesson” against Israel’s attitude towards the Palestinians. Erdogan’s statement intensified speculation about the controversy taking a broader form. Especially when the United Nations envoy to the United Nations warned against war. The number of Palestinians who died in Gaza in Israeli attacks has risen to 43. These include 13 children and three women. About 300 people were injured.

Warning from the UN envoy
The United Nations envoy to the Middle East warned that violence between Israel and Palestinian militants continues and that there appears to be a situation leading to major war. Tor Waynesland will brief the UN Security Council on the situation. He called on the leaders concerned to take responsibility for the escalating tension and to stop the outbreak of fire.

‘Teaching difficult and different lessons’
According to the Turkish president’s communications directorate, the leaders of the two countries discussed the tensions in the disputed territory of Jerusalem on Wednesday. According to the statement, Erdo आन an said that “the international community should teach Israel a strong and different lesson” and said that the UN Security Council should intervene quickly so that Israel receives a “clear message”.

Hamas military leader in Gaza killed in Israeli rocket attack, killing several commanders
Oppose the Israeli attack
The statement said Erdo suggested to Putin that an international security force be considered to protect the Palestinians. Meanwhile, thousands of people in Istanbul protested the Israeli attack by violating the national Corona virus curfew on Tuesday evening. Large numbers of car convoys marched towards the Israeli embassy waving Turkish and Palestinian flags.

Hamas commander killed
The Gaza City commander of the militant group Hamas was killed in an Israeli airstrike. Hamas confirmed this. Bassem Issa, who was killed in Wednesday’s attack since the Battle of Gaza in 2014, is believed to have been Hamas’ biggest official to date. The clashes took place after weeks of tension in Jerusalem.

Israel attacks Gaza

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