israel hamas violence one warns of war: israeli counterattack killed 11 Hamas commanders; UN warns of war – Israel Hamas violence warns of all-out war as death toll rises

Tel Aviv
The Israeli army retaliated against the militant group Hamas, which fired more than 1,500 rockets in the past three days from the Palestinian town in the Gaza Strip. Hamas suffered a major setback in this retaliation and 11 of its commanders were killed. In this bloody conflict, 70 people have been confirmed killed by Palestine. At the same time, Israel said its 6 civilians had been killed. Meanwhile, the United Nations has warned that if tensions persist, a full-scale war between Israel and Palestine could take place.

In this conflict, as pro-Iran Hamas militants rain rockets from Gaza, Israeli warplanes rain bombs and guns fire. Israel set fire to another multi-story building in Gaza City on Wednesday in an airstrike. The incident could spark a new conflict between Israel and Hamas. At the same time, experts have expressed fears that militants in Gaza will fire several rockets in response to the attack. Hamas militants carried out airstrikes against the city of Tel Aviv following an attack on a building in Gaza on Tuesday.

Gaza’s health ministry said the death toll in the latest conflict with Israel reached 70, including 16 children. At the same time, more than 300 people were seriously injured in the Israeli attacks. Meanwhile, the IDF said more than 1,500 rockets have been fired from Hamas so far. Israeli airstrikes killed 11 Hamas commanders. An Israeli soldier was also killed. Experts say Hamas is not yet in the mood to bow down and has so many rockets that it can continue to attack Israel for the next two months.

The Israeli military estimates that Hamas currently has 20,000 to 30,000 rockets in Gaza. Meanwhile, Israel also pledged to perpetuate Hamas militants by pacifying them forever. Amid the tensions, the United Nations has warned that if such a conflict continues, a full-scale war between the two sides could erupt. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said he was very concerned about the latest violence.

Israel-Hamas fight recalls Gaza war
Rockets from Gaza and Israeli airstrikes on Wednesday were a reminder of the 2014 conflict that lasted 50 days. There is no hope of ending the current conflict that has started between the two sides. Leaders of Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza fired hundreds of rockets, causing explosions in densely populated Tel Aviv. At the same time, Israel launched airstrikes targeting three multi-story buildings and several establishments of the militant group in the Gaza Strip.

The Israelis issued the first warning for civilians to leave the building, but the rest of the property was badly damaged. Witnesses said that after a brief hiatus on Wednesday, Israel carried out dozens of airstrikes targeting police and security facilities. Smoke appeared in Gaza City. The Hamas-led Interior Ministry said the central police headquarters in Gaza City was destroyed in Israeli airstrikes. Targeting buildings was one of the methods tried during the 2014 war and now the International Court is investigating possible war crimes.

India focused on immediate reduction of violence
India condemned all violent activities, in particular rocket attacks from Gaza, amid growing tension between Israel and Palestinian extremists. At the same time, the need for an immediate reduction in violence was stressed. India’s permanent representative to the United Nations, TS Tirumurthy, tweeted on Wednesday that during a meeting of the United Nations Security Council in East Jerusalem on the issue of the tension, he said: “India leads all kinds of violent activity, especially rocket attacks from Gaza condemn it. ”Tirumurthy mourned the death of an Indian citizen in Israel and stressed that“ immediate reduction of violence is the need of the hour “And that” both sides should avoid a change in the status quo on the ground. “

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