Israel Iran Conflict Benny Gantz Says Israel Is Ready to Attack Iran: Can the Arabian Sea Become a Battleground? Israeli Defense Minister threatens Iran with attack

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Israel threatens to attack Iran Defense minister says he is ready to attack Iran says we will give a decisive response Jerusalem
Israel’s defense minister on Thursday warned his country was ready to attack Iran. His threat comes after a deadly drone attack on an oil tanker at sea for which Israel blamed Tehran. Israel has also called for action against Iran at the United Nations over the deaths of two people in last week’s attack on the oil tanker Mercer Street.

Iran denies allegations
The tanker that was attacked in the Arabian Sea of ​​Oman was owned by a company owned by an Israeli billionaire. The United States and Britain also blamed Iran for this attack. Iran, which has launched such drone strikes with its regional militia allies, has denied any involvement in the attack on the tanker.

Israel ready to attack
Speaking to the Ynet news site, Gantz replied “yes” to a question asking if Israel was ready to attack Iran. He said that we are in a situation where we have to take military action against Iran. He reiterated his view that the world must now act against Iran.

Iran retaliated
Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh called Gantz’s threat “another brutal violation of international law” and “a malicious practice”. In a tweet, he said any foolish act against Iran will receive a decisive response. In response to the threat from Israel, Khatibzadeh said, “Don’t test us”.

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