Israel Iran Nuclear weapons: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns that Iran will not allow the construction of nuclear bombs at all costs – Benjamin Netanyahu warns that Israel will do everything to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons

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The Israeli prime minister said he was not going to trust the nuclear deal with Iran. Netanyahu warned that he would do “anything” to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Israeli PM made the statement at a time when he has a meeting with senior Tel Aviv officials
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he will not trust any nuclear deal with Iran. Netanyahu warned that he would do “anything” to prevent Iranian leaders from acquiring nuclear weapons. The Israeli prime minister made the statement while meeting with the defense minister, foreign minister, army chief and heads of the Mossad intelligence agency on the administration’s proposal. American Biden to discuss a nuclear deal with Iran.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “Israel does not trust the deal with the extremist Iranian administration. We have seen such deals with North Korea in the past be in vain. With or without a deal, we will ensure that ( Iran) is not armed with nuclear weapons. ”Meanwhile, Iran officially began banning international inspections of its nuclear facilities.

Iran increases pressure on Biden administration
Iran’s move aims to put pressure on European countries and the United States (Biden administration) to lift economic sanctions and reinstate the 2015 nuclear deal. Reports on state television indicate that Iran has taken concrete action following its threat to reduce cooperation with inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Iran said its plan was to stop the implementation of the “additional protocol”, which took place between Tehran and the IAEA as part of the landmark nuclear deal.

This provision gives UN inspectors more powers to inspect Iran’s nuclear facilities and nuclear programs. However, it is not known how this access will be limited. At the same time, Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif said the IAEA would not be allowed to obtain photographs from surveillance cameras at nuclear sites. Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization has promised to keep photographs or footage from these cameras for three months, and then hand them over to the IAEA only after easing sanctions.

Trump separated America from the nuclear deal
It should be noted that about three years ago then US President Donald Trump separated the United States from the nuclear deal and imposed a new ban on Iran, which has caused the collapse of the economy of this Gulf country. Iran announced a gradual violation of the 2015 sanctions to increase pressure on the Biden administration. Iran firmly demands that it will agree to nothing less than the sanctions imposed by Trump. The Biden administration wants the 2015 nuclear deal back on track for implementation, but is not receiving the expected response from Tehran. Iran’s firm stance has paved the way.

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