Israel made such technology, soldiers will become “invisible” enemy will not notice – new IDF 300 sheet IDF camouflage technology kit can make soldiers invisible

Tel Aviv
The Israeli Defense Ministry, together with the country’s company Polaris Solutions, has created such wonderful concealment technology that will make Israeli soldiers virtually invisible. Using this camouflage, Israeli soldiers will look like a stone in appearance, so they will not be easily recognized.

The technology is called Kit 300 and uses a concealed thermal visual material composed of metals, microfibers and polymers. It will not be easy for the Israeli soldiers to recognize this. This material can be made into a light stretcher. When wearing it, Israeli soldiers will not be recognized using human eyes and thermal imaging equipment.

Sheet weight about 500 grams
Israeli soldiers will be able to either wrap or combine this state-of-the-art camouflage blanket to make it look like mountainous terrain. Gaal Harari, an expert from the Israeli Defense Ministry, says that if someone looks at these soldiers through binoculars, then he will not be able to recognize the soldiers. The weight of this sheet is approximately 500 grams.

It can be folded in the form of a package. The IDF tested him and now he’s drafted into the military. The idea of ​​creating such a camouflage came from Asaf, the co-founder of Polaris Solutions, from his personal experiences. Asaf was in the IDF during the Lebanon War in 2006 and found that soldiers were not completely safe in front of their enemies’ thermal imaging equipment. After that he decided to do it. Now this company is planning to donate this technology to the United States and Canada as well.

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