Israel: Missile attack on an Israeli ship coming from Tanzania in India, suspected of attack on Iran – An Israeli cargo ship would be hit by an Iranian navy missile en route from Tanzania to India in the Arabian Sea

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Israeli container ship strikes again with missiles, Iran arrives in India from Shaktanjania, Israeli damage caused by attack; Israeli alert after second missile attack on ship, Tel Aviv
An Israeli ship coming from Tanzania to India in the Arabian Sea was attacked by a missile. It is alleged that the missile was fired by the Iranian military. However, this could not be confirmed. The ship did not suffer much from the attack of this missile on Thursday. According to Israeli defense sources, no crew aboard the ship was also injured in the attack. The vessel is gradually being towed to the port of Mundra in Gujarat.

The Israeli company owned the ship
The Liberian-flagged vessel is owned by XT Management, a company based in Haifa, Israel. Maritime security firm Dryad Global said it suspected the attacked vessel was called the container ship MT Lowry. The ship, which was the victim of the attack, is slowly brought to the port of Mundra.

Israeli agencies involved in an investigation
After the attack, the company that owns the vessel has yet to release any statement. Israeli security officials are investigating the possible effects of the incident. They wonder if Iran plans to attack other Israeli ships. Prime Minister Netanyahu himself is monitoring the whole issue closely.

An Israeli ship has also been attacked in the past
Even earlier on the night of February 25, Iran attacked another Israeli vessel MV Helios Ray in the Gulf of Oman. This caused a huge hole in the ship. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has blamed Iran directly for the attack. Netanyahu has said Iran is Israel’s worst enemy. I want to stop this. We are targeting it across the region.

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