Israel-Morocco relations: From now on, Morocco will recognize Israel, President Trump declares “ friendship ” – Israel and Morocco agree to normalize their relations in latest deal negotiated by Donald Trump

The African country of Morocco will now establish full diplomatic relations with Israel. In announcing the deal, US President Donald Trump called it a historic day. Morocco became the fourth country to have an agreement with Israel since August. Previously, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Sudan struck a peace deal, forgetting the decades-old hostility with Israel.

Trump declared historic day by tweeting
Announcing the friendship with Morocco Israel, Trump tweeted about another historic day today. Our two great friends, Israel and Morocco, have agreed to establish full diplomatic relations. This is a major step towards establishing peace in the Middle East.

The White House issued a statement
The White House statement said the deal was reached during talks between President Donald Trump and King Mohammed VI of Morocco. The two leaders agreed that Morocco will restore full diplomatic relations with Israel and also strengthen economic and cultural cooperation for regional peace.

How Morocco Prepared for the Peace Agreement
Sources said Trump assured King Mohammed VI that the United States would recognize Morocco’s claim to the contested Western Sahara. Since then, the two countries have reached an agreement with Israel. There is a long-standing dispute between Morocco and Algeria over the region. Algeria provides open support to the Polisario Front engaged in an effort to make the region a new country.

Israel declared historic agreement
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the deal with Morocco historic. He also thanked the King of Morocco. Netanyahu said that at present there are good relations between the peoples of the two countries. At the same time, Morocco also confirmed this deal and described it as a major step.

Palestine condemned
Palestine has openly condemned Morocco’s peace agreement with Israel. Palestinian officials say Arab countries are breaking their deal, which called for talks with Israel only after making Palestine a full country. Palestinian officials have also criticized the peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

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