israel om namah shivay: Israel wishes India good health amid coronavirus crisis singing Om Namah Shivay: Om Nam: Israel hopes for Corona virus in India

Tel Aviv
There is a second wave of the corona virus in India and there is concern and sadness all over the world. In such a situation, many countries come forward in different ways to show their support and support. A view of this was seen in Israel where hundreds of people came down to pray for India. A video of this event also goes viral in which these people chant “Om Namah: Shivaay”. This video is very popular on social networks.

Indian Embassy official Pawan K. Pal shared this video on Instagram: “ When all of Israel is united to show you a ray of hope … ” One user wrote about it that things like this are very gentle and our stress is reduced and the mind gets peace. Appreciated an Israelite and was happy to see him released from Kovid.

Last month, Israel abolished the rule of public masks and fully opened educational institutions. Israel has also sent a great deal of aid to India. The first shipment of rescue equipment from Israel reached India on Wednesday. These devices sent to India include oxygen generators and vacuum cleaners. All these devices were brought to India by special planes.

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