Israel Palestine Conflict Timeline: Updates on violence in the West Bank Israel Palestine News: Violence breaks out in the West Bank between Israel and Palestine

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Clash between IDF and Palestinians in West Bank now results in many injuries
Violence erupted again within two weeks of the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. The latest clash between the IDF and Palestinian civilians took place in the West Bank region. It is said that the Palestinians were protesting against the Jewish settlements in this region. By removing them, some criminals started throwing stones at the Israeli army. After which the army also fired tear gas canisters and rubber bullets.

Palestinians clash over Israeli settlements in the West Bank
It is said that this clash took place in the village of Nilin, west of the city of Ramallah. According to the Palestinian WAFA news agency, Israeli security forces fired into the air and fired rubber bullets to disperse the population. The agency said at least two Palestinian civilians were injured in the clash. After that, he was taken to hospital for treatment. Many people claim that 27 people were injured in this clash, although this could not be independently confirmed.

The violence started after Namaz
It is said that this confrontation began after the Friday prayers. Palestinian villages have staged weekly protests in the region amid fears over Israel’s plans to claim West Bank land, the agency said. For this reason, Israel has also deployed a large number of security forces in this area. The Palestinians claim that the land is theirs and that Israel is forcibly occupying it.
Israel and Palestine both claim
At the same time, Israel claims that this land belongs to the Jews, which was later occupied by Muslim invaders. They should now return this land. It is feared that if tensions escalate, Hamas will also break its ceasefire promise. This again risks disturbing the peace of the whole region. As much to say to you that during the attacks of the first weeks of May, approximately 300 people died.
Hamas victory for Palestinians calling for ceasefire in Gaza
Palestinians call the Israeli ceasefire in Gaza a victory for Hamas. Thousands of Palestinians celebrated the entry into force of the ceasefire. Many of them said the war had been costly but it was a clear victory for the militant Islamist group Hamas. At the same time, Israel warned in the strongest terms that if further hostile action was taken, it would retaliate again with all its might.

Israel’s Iron Dome shoots down its own drone, mistaking it for Hamas rocket, heckling after revelations
Israel wreaks havoc on Gaza in 11 days
More than 200 people, mostly Palestinians, were killed in the 11-day war. The war has caused widespread destruction in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, which is already a poor region. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Friday that if further attacks were carried out, they would be retaliated with full force. He said if Hamas thinks we will tolerate rocket attacks, then that is wrong.

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