Israel Palestine: Israel and Palestine at UNSC on Gaza Attack: Israel and Palestine at United Nations Council Meeting on Gaza Attacks

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For a long time, only the sounds of shelling and rocket attacks echoed in Gaza. The pain of those trapped in a situation like a war between Hamas and the IDF was now kept alive in the UN Security Council meeting. Representatives of Israel and Palestine showed more photos at the meeting with the names of their abused citizens. Israel claimed it was only targeting terrorists, while Palestine accused it of occupation.

‘Jerusalem is not for sale’
Amid tensions, Palestinian Foreign Minister Dr Riyad Malki called Israel an “armed thief” at a UN Security Council meeting and claimed he had entered her home. Riyadh said Jerusalem was not for sale. He said Israel is an occupying colonial force. He also thanked China for discussing Israel-Palestine at a special session of the Council. In his speech, Riyadh named the Palestinians who lost their lives in the Israeli attack. He also thanked the Arab brothers for their support.

‘What to do when rockets are fired’
At the same time, Israel also displayed sentimentality during the meeting. Zillad Erdan, Israeli envoy to the United Nations, showed a photo of an Israeli civilian killed in a Hamas airstrike and put Hamas in the dock, asking, “What will you do when hundreds of rockets hit you? will be drawn? ” He said no explanation could be given for terrorism. Zilad said these situations arose out of Hamas. He also showed photos of Palestinians thrown at the Al-Aqsa Mosque during the council meeting. Zilad said: “Hamas targets civilians, Israeli terrorists.”

UN chief said the fight is over now
The UNSC meeting is chaired by China this month, and with that authority it set the agenda. The meeting was chaired by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Indian envoy TS Thirumurthy was also involved. Earlier in the meeting, UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutarais said the fighting must now end. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called for a ceasefire on both sides.

China’s focus on America
He called on Israel to take control and protect civilians in Palestine. Also on that occasion, China surrounded the United States and said it must show responsibility. He alleged that the United States attempted to stop the Council press statement on the Israeli-Palestinian issue. He said America is the country that prevents the Council from speaking with one voice.

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Security Council meeting on Gaza

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