Israel Palestine War: Israel Palestine War Amid Rocket Attacks with Hamas in Gaza: Speculation on the Palestine War Due to Rocket Attacks between Hamas and Israel in Gaza

The conflict between Israel and Palestine is a long-standing one, but the violence between the Palestinian organizations Hamas and Jerusalem over the past week has worried the world. Rocket attacks continue on both sides and heavy destruction is to be expected. A multi-story building in Gaza was demolished in the Israeli attack, so in response to this there is a possibility that Hamas will drop more rockets. The possibility of either withdrawing is far away, but both have announced that they will respond to brick with stone. In such a situation, the fear of a great war arose here. Even before, the situation between the two led to war and once again the same views are visible. Meanwhile, innocent people are celebrating their lives on both sides.

Memories of the battle provoked by the latest attacks

Rockets from Gaza and Israeli airstrikes on Wednesday were a reminder of the 2014 conflict that lasted 50 days. Targeting buildings was one of the methods tried during the 2014 war and now the International Court is investigating possible war crimes. Israel is not a member of this court and has rejected the investigation. The Gaza extremist group has confirmed that Israel’s airstrikes killed its Gaza City commander. It is the death of a high-level extremist after the 2014 war in the Palestinian territory. People are forced to hide in bunkers in the same way.

‘an eye for an eye’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel will use more power if necessary to prevent widespread protests by Arab citizens. Netanyahu said on Wednesday that Israel would prevent chaos by deploying border police. He said Hamas and other small Islamic organizations would pay a heavy price for their aggression. Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz also said the attacks were just the beginning. At the same time, a spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry said the attack is ongoing against Israel and Hamas is targeting civilians in a planned manner and that Israel will take steps to protect them. On the other hand, Hamas says that if Israel wants to move it forward, it is ready. The violence that has lasted for a week does not appear to be abating and rocket attacks continue.

May the destruction of 2014 not be repeated

Israel says it is targeting places where Hamas militants are hiding. In this way, his attacks continue. Earlier in the July-August 2014 war, Israel carried out 6,000 airstrikes, causing enormous destruction. According to the assessment of Palestine and the United Nations, 2,250 Palestinians, including 1,500 civilians, were killed. More than 11,000 were injured. The homes of at least 18,000 Palestinians were devastated and 73 medical facilities destroyed. This time too, seeing the high rise buildings under construction, the mood of 2014 comes to everyone’s mind.

Why did the discussion about the war start?

The violence between Israel and Hamas is seen around the world and there are concerns too. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan told Russian President Vladimir Putin that the international community should “teach him a difficult and different lesson” against Israel’s attitude towards the Palestinians. Erdogan’s statement intensified speculation about the controversy taking a broader form. On the other hand, the United Nations envoy to the Middle East warned that the situation was turning into a big war. He called on the leaders concerned to take responsibility for the escalating tension and to stop the outbreak of fire.

How did Israel defend itself?

According to reports, more than 1,000 rockets were fired from the Hamas-occupied Gaza Strip in 40 hours between Monday and Wednesday. Although Israel protected its large population from the Iron Dome defense system, some rockets escaped due to a technical fault. The specialty of the Iron Dome air defense system is to hold back radar rockets and kill them in the air. Only their debris fell to the ground. Experts say Israel’s Iron Dome success rate is 80-90%. (Including entrance)

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